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Happy 2007!

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We here at Emerica would like to wish each and every one of you a Happy New Year 2007! It's time to take down the Christmas tree, recycle all that gift wrap, sober up and think about what we're going to do this year.

Look out for all kinds of new Emerica stuff coming your way throughout 2007, like a seriously crazy colorway of the McNally from The Bishop, some snazzy new stuff from Emerica Gear, another edition of Wild Ride and Wild in the Streets, plus plenty more big surprises that we can't tell you about right now.

Make sure you stay in-the-know here on the site, and, as always, Stay Gold!

Joe Brook

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Check out the brand-new Web site of Slap photographer Joe Brook, built by his friend Will. It features plenty of Joe's killer photography in the categories of Object, Portrait, Action, Personal and Fourstar. There's also an informative bio and some contact info. Leave him alone.

Baker 3 Skateboard Winner!

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Congratulations to Phillip R. of Cave Creek, Arizona for winning our Baker 3 Skateboard Contest. For his efforts, we bestowed this kill Baker 3 complete signed by Neck Face and one free pair of Emerica shoes upon Phillip. Stay tuned for more 'tests coming soon. Speaking of that, have you entered Design-a-Tee 5 yet?

baker 3 complete

Enter Design-a-Tee 5 Now!

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Round five of the world famous Emerica Design-a-Tee contests is now open. Time to get your cray on! Ha-ha. Don't dawdle, though, cuz you only have until February 20, 2006 to blow us away with your advanced conceptual creativity and graphic design skills. May the best three win!

enter now

New Autumn Web Site!

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Plan on visiting New York City anytime soon? If so, be sure to bring a scarf, gloves and a hat, 'cuz it's bitter cold out right now! If you don't plan on visiting NYC, but still want to get your hands on all the best gear from one of our favorite shops in town, surf on over to Autumn skate shop's new Web site.


There you can find NYC exclusives like Autumn's awesome Horror Collage shirt in black, just like the one Man Alive is sporting in this sweet photo, a book of pics from NYC skater / photographer Todd Jordan or the new 5boro New York, New York DVD.

And while you're at it, be sure not to miss Autumn's Bro-Light Specials. This month's special is an eBay auction for an entire Tino Razo kit! Pulled straight from the cockroach and bongwater-infested floors of Tino's Brooklyn crash pad comes an entire actual outfit famously worn by one of NYC's fiercest style icons. Note the one-of-a-kind pair of Emerica McNally shoes included in this bold ensemble!

Dan Allen

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Dan Allen
Gurnee, Illinois

I get a lot of Sponsor Me videos from so many kids out there. It’s great to see so many skaters doing what they love and skating so many different obstacles. It’s interesting to see how people skate a certain spot. Sometimes, people skate something you normally would just pass up without even thinking you could skate it. It gets me stoked to see people who ride unique obstacles. Dan Allen is one those people. You can tell he’s very creative by the way he looks at spots and the tricks he does on them. Some of the things that stood out to me in this video were the drop-in on the dumpster, the heelflip manual to backside lipslide on the steps, and the wall ride over the gap at the end. Dan skates fast and rips all types of terrain, which is always good. Thanks for sending in your video, Dan. You just earned yourself a brand new pair of Emerica shoes! —Jeff Henderson