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Solace Skateboarding

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Solace Skateboarding

Solace Skateboarding

The Good

This site is absolutely LOADED with features. Trick tips, photos (really awesome ones), videos, spot checks, and tons more stuff. Some of the articles are very to the point.

The Bad

So many features make this site a bit unorganized. It could use some help.

The Ugly

Useless Splash page (Get rid of it!), broken links, no comments, no perm links and no RSS feed for the blog.


Solace should get in contact with Joe. Let him re-design the site in exchange for a Solace pro model!


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Sender Information: Emerica.
Sent by: Webnerd
Lake Forest Rock City, California

Recipient Information:
Mr. Chase Wilson

Sent via: site review.
Return Receipt Not Needed.
Re: Infringements of Bunghole.

I write as the Webnerd of Emerica.

As you are no doubt aware, Emerica owns all of the rights to the Web site series entitled Bunghole. These rights are protected by numerous copyright trademarks for both the site itself and the images, code and other elements appearing in those programs.

We have recently learned that you have used various elements of the Bunghole properties on your site at For example, we refer to the layout of your site, as well as the source code. Your use of these items is an infringement of Emerica’s rights to the Bunghole properties.

Based upon the foregoing, we hereby demand that your confirm to us in writing within ten (10) days of receipt of this review that: (1) You will put more more photographs of this girl on your site; and (2) you will provide us with her email address so we can cybermack her.

The foregoing is without a waiver of any and all rights of Emerica, all of which are expressly reserved herein.

Very truly yours,


KM Skate

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KM Skate

Some Blabber asked me to review Kauai Media Skate.

I’ve never even heard of this site, so let’s do a "play by play" as I visit it.

Splash page with Flash. Bah, what is this, 1996? Just take me to the content, already! -1.

Wait, what’s that small line on the bottom? "Best viewed with screen resolution of 1024 x 768, Firefox browser, Flash and QuickTime." Sweet! They support the best browser ever!+1.

The navigation shows four buttons on the top with crappy, hand-drawn pictures. I like. +1.

The latest News is in an iframe. iframes suck. It breaks browsing. -1.

Let’s read some of the skate and video news. Kameron, you shouldn’t publish your email address, yo! It’s better to make a simple contact form to prevent spam, etc. -1.

Let’s check some of the clips. Erf, they’re in a pop-up window: -1.

That box and bench set-up is awesomely crappy, though! That rules: +1.

Hmmm, let’s see. What’s under Media? Yes! More crappy movies: +1.

About section. Ah, now I know what Kauaiiaiauiaiaiaii is. It’s one of them Hawaiian islands with awesome beaches and lots of chicks in hula skirts! (We got one of those chicks working here at Emerica. She’s hottt!) +1

Finally, the Links. WHAT? No links to the Emerica site? -1.

So, lets check the final score for KM Skate: -1+1+1-1-1-1+1+1+1-1 = 0!

Let’s hope Kameron doesn’t have a big Samoan brother, cuz he will probably kick my ass after giving his little brother’s site a big fat zero!


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LighTight was mentioned in a comment on the éS Blog, and I instantly put it on my watch list.

The design of this photo blog is very minimal and features absolutely amazing photos shot in and around Atlanta by Ryan Flynn. Not only skate photos, but also awesome artsy fartsy ones. And there are so many! I spent days in the archives. (Justin almost fired my ass for not gettin’ any work done.)

What’s funny about the comments on the photo blog is that most are from other photo nerds: "Nice composition and saturation. Are you using an SLR?" There are not too many comments about the actual skating.

I talked to one of the Emerica shoe designers who is also from ATL, and he told me that Ryan used to travel through Africa, where he shot photos and enjoyed a nice case of malaria.

Well, I’m glad that Ryan is back taking skate photos, and I dunno if he has done work for any of the skateboard magazines, but someone should hook this guy up with a feature already!


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Blabber jim-e merica tipped me to review TennSkate. So let’s go check it out...

The Site layout is a bit wack and for some reason slowed down my computer, but since they didn’t use tables and iframes—which is a very good thing, points for that!—I was able to turn off the stylesheets with my super nerdy Web Developer Toolbar and I could concentrate on nothing but the content.

I feel like this site really belongs in the Video Review section, cuz the clips they have on TennSkate are awesome! Nice lines, too (I LOVE to see people skate lines). And the pink robot rules! I want to see it skate in the next clip!

They have some awesome spots there in Tennessee. The plaza with the black and white tiles looks dope (Is that even in Tennessee?). That skatepark in Chattanooga (funniest name everrrrrrrrrr!) looks rad. Hell, I don’t even know where Chattanoogy is! I should look it up on a map. Also, before I forget, Imma tell Justin to send the Emerica team down to Chattapoopa!

To the guys who made the site (R.J. & Mark?); fix the site a bit up and get that camera fixed, cuz I wanna see more footy! And send me the vid when its done!


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Post22 absolutely rules, as far as content goes. These guys know what’s up when it comes to skating. They always have the dopest footage and interviews—especially the one with Craig Metzger.

Before I go any further, I have to let you know that this is going to be a different type of review. Instead of rehashing how totally awesome Post22 is, I’m gonna take the hater approach and jot down some things that are wrong with the site.

Here comes the (partial) diss list:

  • The background color is not set to white. (Turn off the default white background on your browser to see for yourself.)
  • They use tables for layout.
  • There are no direct links to the news posts."Hey, did ya see what Post22 wrote? Go to the site, scroll down a bit and it should be there somewhere, I think. It was there last week!"
  • Certain news links open in a new window.
  • There are no clean URLs on the articles.
  • The site totally fails HTML, CSS and 508 validation.
  • They use spacer.gif’s.

That’s enough for today.


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Someone left a message in the Blabs, to "present his site" called Harga! What does that mean? Let’s google. Some odd 1st result: "Perbandingan harga-harga produk-produk yang berkait dengan komputer dari berbagai situs penjualan di Indonesia. Lumayan untuk sekadar tahu harga bandingannya" WTF?

The site itself features crazy pictures with insane color schemes. It’s like epicly later’d on acid! The booger picker is my favorite, I set it as my desktop wallpaper. But besides that, there’s not much to find on this site. There’s not even a link to the Emerica website! Why am I even spending precious nerd time on this PoS? I will STFU now.