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Wild Ride 2007 Episode 12!

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It's that time once again to tune in to Epicly Later'd TV for the latest episode, number 12, of Emerica's Wild Ride 2007 featuring team rider Jerry Hsu getting hassled by old people for skating, and talking about his trick the Stormflip and getting invited to enter the X Games. Siiiiick! With no further ado, bring on the Hsu!

Atiba Photo

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As its name implies, Atiba Photo is a Web site that shows off some of the work of professional photographer Atiba Jefferson. Over the past 10 years, Atiba has become one of the best photographers in skateboarding history. He started out at TransWorld Skateboarding in the mid-'90s and now works for The Skateboard Mag. He also shoots pro basketball and ads for various skate companies on the side. Check out the Books on his site for some serious eye candy. Yeah, Teebs!

Kyle Knoblauch

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Age: 16

Well, it’s nice to see that the Sponsor Me Videos you've been submitting are getting progressively better and better. Take this clip sent in by Kyle Knoblauch, for example. This 16-year-old ripper out of the Philly area has got a huge bag of tricks up his sleeve! Rails, gaps, ledges, lines--this video has it all. Kyle has a lot of talent and definitely has the potential to get sponsored. Thanks for sending in this vid, Kyle. Keep up the shredding, and enjoy your free pair of kicks from Emerica.--Jet Ski