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Emerica Team Report 11.17.03

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Alive! Emerica team riders Andrew Reynolds, Bryan Herman and Kevin Long made it home alive from Puerto Rico today. The boys were on a Baker tour with Thrasher magazine and report that, despite the daily rains, the kids at the demos were amped to see them and they even managed to bring home some footage for our Kids in Emerica tour video, scheduled for release in Spring 2004.

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Emerica Team Report 11.03.03

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The Emerica team were keeping themselves busy over the weekend. Andrew Reynolds, Erik Ellington, Kevin Long, Leo Romero, Matt Allen and Emerica flow riders like Wes Lott and Angel Ramirez were on hand in Long Beach at the Active Ride Shop Best Trick contest held at the Long Beach Convention Center on Sunday. Some riders were unable to participate due to injuries (Andrew and Erik) and others were unable to participate due to thieving snowboard kooks (Matt Allen’s skate got stolen), but all were on hand to meet some fellow skateboarders and watch the action go down. Speaking of action going down, Leo killed it! He kickflipped into just about every trick imaginable down the makeshift park rail (kickflip into: 50/50, frontside 5-O, frontside feeble, front blunt fakie and a heelflip frontboard fakie) and hucked a nice frontside flip off the side of the pyramid and over the hubba-ledge to flat. Jon Allie and Bastien were destroying the rail, as well. The judges split the $5000 cash prize money: Bastien took the $4000 bulk of the prize with a very advanced maneuver, a Cab-flip to frontside boardslide (coming out forward) down the rail. Second place went to Jon Allie for a host of tricks including kickflip backside noseblunt, kickflip front tailslide and kickflip back tailslide. I think it was a toss-up between Leo and Jon, with my money on Leo, of course.

Meanwhile, over in Iowa on Saturday, Emerica riders Heath Kirchart and Bryan Herman were participating in a demo for Subsect skate shop in Des Moines. Despite a sore knee (Heath) and a board confiscated by airport security (Bryan), the duo, joined by guest skaters Lance Mountain and Dan Rogers, were able to pull off quite an impressive demo for the kids on hand, and some lucky kids were even treated to some free Emerica product just for showing-up.

411 recently had a poll on their web site ( asking viewers to vote for the company that they felt consistently makes the best 411 commercials. Over 13,000 people voted and second place wasn’t even close. Can you guess who won? Here’s a hint: noted filmer Jon Miner works for the company that consistently makes the best 411 commercials, as voted by their viewers. That’s right, thanks to everybody who voted. You helped make Emerica number one in 411! We’ll do our best to keep it up.

Here’s a nifty trick that actually works to make your suede toe shoes last longer. I don’t know where it came from, but I learned it from Andrew Reynolds. I think he may have got it from Herman or Spanky, but whatever, here it is: Take a small amount of superglue and rub it lightly across the stitch lines in the toe area. Rub it right where it gets worn out from kickflips, but be careful not to use too much and only do the stitches. A tiny bit will go a long way. Any more will ruin the stylish good looks of your Emerica kicks. You should barely notice it’s there when you’re finished. If you spazz out and go overboard, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Collectors, beware! Remember the Design Erik Ellington’s Insole contest we held a while back that Brent from Pennsylvania won? Well, the winning design has been inserted into 150 random pairs of Erik’s Emerica pro-model, the Double E. Rare and limited-edition gear have been off-the-hook lately and, rest assured, skate nerds everywhere will be saving these special limited-edition pairs of shoes for one very financially rewarding day on e-Bay! Keep an eye out.

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