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iskateseattle: Do your feet ever get really stinky after a day of skating?
Sometimes when I go on tour, I forget to bring socks, so they get pretty stinky.

derek: Did you have to work hard to get where you are, or did things just happen?

It was a lot of hard work, but there was also a lot of good fortune involved. But it wasn't really hard work, cuz I was doing what I wanted to do.

Icetre: Why didn't you go on the Wild Ride this year? I was lookin' forward to seeing you!
I had a family emergency. I really wanted to go, but sometimes family comes first. After Wild in the Streets, I joined Heath [and the other bikers] on the ride home from Chicago.

alivekennedys: What would you order for your final meal?

Tofu scrambled hash.

alivekennedys: How many times during the day do you look at yourself in a mirror?
I've never seen myself.

zacharypoopman: If you knew you only had one day to live, what would you do on that day?

That's a good question. I would go to Giraffe Manor in Kenya. That's where all these giraffes roam around.

zacharypoopman: What do you do when you like a girl and she says she just wants to be friends?
Change her mind. Just put on the charm.

zacharypoopman: Who's your favorite overall person in the whole world?

That's a hard question.

zacharypoopman: Do you write poetry?
No, I don’t write poetry. Sometimes when I'm drawing, I write down sentences that sound good to me. I write down my thoughts and make them sound a little poetic, but I definitely don’t write poems.

zacharypoopman: Are you a vegetarian?
Yes, but I do eat fish once in a while.

zacharypoopman: What do you do when someone wants to fight you?
I guess it depends on who that someone is and what the matter is. Either fight 'em if the cause is right, or talk your way out of it.

Stereotype: Do you ever go through periods when you're not skating good and you hate it; but then after a short while, you go through a period where you're landing everything thing and loving it? That happens to me a lot.
Yeah, sure. I go through ups and downs. I can't recall ever hating skating, but it does get frustrating sometimes.

livefreeordie: How many girls did you nail in high school?

I dropped out of high school because there wasn't much nailing going on.

alivekennedys: What would you do if a girl grabbed your ass at a demo?
I guess it would depend on the girl. I'd maybe throw her a wink or something. I'm not really into that sort of thing at demos.

livefreeordie: Narrow shoes or wide shoes?
In between. My foot's not exactly narrow, but I don't want to look down at a big, fat sausage, either.

AKsk8er: Why didn't you go on the 2006 King of the Road Tour?

I just decided to go to New York to shoot photos and hang out with friends.

englishjosh: Do you think you are living life to the fullest? If not, then how could you do so?
I was just thinking last night about how I've been really enjoying the past couple of weeks. I have no regrets about the levels of fun I've been having lately. I've just been spontaneous--traveling around, skating a lot, having fun with friends and seeking the un-boring.

SilentSkater: Do you like sloppy joes?
No, I don’t like sloppy joes, cuz I don’t eat meat. My aunt used to always make those and everyone would get all excited, but I'm not a big onion fan, either.

AKsk8er: What was that big joke about you and Carrot Top?
I was dating this girl--a musician named Chan Marshall--for a while, so Ed Templeton and Giovanni Reda joked around and made up fake stories about me hanging around with B and C list celebrities like Carrot Top.

The interview is over. Don't ask any more questions.

New Ed Art Show: The Fogged Mirror

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Emerica Image

All you SoCal art connie sewers better check out Emerica pro Ed Templeton’s latest show, the Fogged Mirror, which will be on display from January 7 to February 4, 2006 at Roberts & Tilton, 6150 Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. It’s mostly paintin’s this time, and the opening is on January 7 from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Wow, two hours. That’s plenty of time to hang out, chat with your friends and soak in all of the intricate details of the work.

Emerican Billboards in Holland!

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Emerica Image

Photo by Ruud van Bragt

Check out this photo of Dutch Emerica rider Rob Maatman standing in front of a Red Bull billboard featuring himself. The ad campaign consists of pics from the Red Bull GUTS (Grow Up To Skate) trip to Athens two months ago, and features five different pics of four different Dutch riders.

A bunch of these billboards were put up in nearly every train station in Holland. Since they have a great public transportation system there, many people take the train, so this is huge for skateboarding in Holland because it shows the public how and what most skaters really ride. No X Games, no Mega Ramp, just pure street skating. And scope the swank maroon Reynolds 3 shoes and the Defy t-shirt Rob is rocking. Way to go!

Web Site Review: Skateboarding Sucks

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If you’ve never been there, you must visit Skateboarding Sucks, the official home of everything that is bad and wrong about skateboarding. Featuring kooky "innovative" skateboards and accessories made by stupid companies outside our industry, lame extreme sports marketing, non-stop opportunist pros and their cheesy endorsement shenanigans and so much more than you could ever imagine. This site rules.

Erik + Tosh Part Ways With Emerica

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Emerica Image

As all of you Emerica Disinformation Newsletter subscribers have officially known for a week, on January 1, 2006, team riders Erik Ellington and Tosh Townend will be leaving Emerica to pursue other opportunities. Over the years, these two have helped in a big way to make Emerica the well-oiled skate machine it is today.

We would like to wish both Erik and Tosh all the best with their future efforts. Never fear, skate addicts, because Emerica has some brand-new and highly anticipated pro model shoes coming from team riders Bryan Herman and Leo Romero, as well as a nifty flashback item from the Boss that will keep the radness rolling in 2006!