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Reynolds 3 In Shops Now!

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It’s been called everything from the "best skate shoe ever made" to an "ugly piece of poo" by you all of you Kids here on That’s right, we’re talking about the Reynolds 3 here, folks—the first-ever vulcanized-outsole skate shoe to incorporate heel protection technology. Not only that, but the upper contains no overlay /underlay stitch lines to blow out in the high abrasion areas for less chance of ollie holes. This means you will be skating longer with less chance of heel bruises.

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To top it all off, the Reynolds 3 comes tricked out with a removable faux diamond on each top eyelet that’s guaranteed to keep all the shorties drooling. You know Drew and his shoe are the shiznizzle fo shizzle, so you better grab a pair now before they sell out!