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LSP No. 11

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Title: LSP
Publisher: Sean Kelly
Issue Number: 11
Page Size: 8.5" x 11"
Page Count: 24
Printing method: Black and white.
Price: Email the publisher.
Email: (Replace "at" with the @ symbol.)
Web site: Coming soon.

LSP, short for Local Skate Photography, is a nice photo zine out of Fort Collins, Colorado, which is--true to its name--filled to the brim with snaps and captions from the area. It looks like the Centennial State harbors a healthy scene full of all kinds of skating, including banks, backyard ramps and pools, ditches, Jersey barriers, ledges, skateparks, wall rides and more. It's great to see kids skating lots of terrain besides just ledges, rails and stairs. (I'm not hating on ledges, rails and stairs, I just believe the old saying that variety is the spice of life.) There's even some coverage of a road trip to Las Vegas and Salt Lake City, so hit up Sean for a copy today. Maybe he'll even tell you what "Can't Fade the Pad Dad" means.

Colin Read

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Stuart, Florida
17 years old

It's really nice to see a youngster like Colin Read mix it up with a little old school and a little new. Not only does Col enjoy commonly seen obstacles like stairs and rails, but he also includes a plethora of natural many pads, banks, wall rides and even a backyard pool in his daily skate diet. We're talkin' lines, footplants and a sweet no-comply pole jam!

I have a couple of questions, though, so Colin, read this: Aren't filmer shadows and park footy illegal in sponsor me videos? Just kidding. And I wonder who's in that car that drives by in the first scene? Ha-ha! Thanks for submitting your footage, Colin, You just eared yourself a free pair of Emerica shoes.--Post King

Young Norwegians!

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Check out this video clip over on WeTube, I mean MeTube, I mean YouTube filmed and edited by Fredrik Risvik from Norway. It was originally published on the Tacky site and features some Young Norwegians, who skate for Emerica Norway through Turf Distribution, rippin' it up at indoor parks in Stavanger and Haugesund in Winter 2004. Enjoy!

Active News

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Today, Active launched phase one of its three-part complete Web site re-design. The all-new Active News section delivers comprehensive skateboarding news and up-to-the-minute coverage, as correspondents now have the ability to post stories, event results, photos and video from the field using mobile technology. The section also boasts plenty of other content unique to Active with a new look, capabilities and features.

Within the massive amount of content, site users can easily access and browse articles in more than 30 different categories, including videos, photo galleries, specific team riders, contests and more. Users may also browse the entire Active News archive full of more than three years worth of skateboarding news.
There are numerous other ways people can now get active with the Active News section. The capability to post comments on all articles lets users stay connected with the skateboarding community. Active News also features an Event Calendar, assuring that users never miss an Active demo or event again, and you’ll know about all the important upcoming dates as soon as they are planned.
Additionally, quick loading videos with thumbnail previews, much like YouTube, enable multiple videos to be played and previewed on a page without long loading times. The Active News section also features all current promotions and sales and RSS feeds, which users can subscribe to and get the latest updates on their home page or news reader. In addition, users can also subscribe to comment feeds through RSS, informing them when others are participating in their discussion, and ICal Users can subscribe to Active’s Event Calendar with the click of a mouse.
Later in 2007, Active will be launching its completely re-designed, state-of-the-art, user-friendly e-commerce site, which will take skateboarding e-commerce to the next level. Until then...