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Epicly Later'd Web TV Show!

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Vice magazine's online broadcast network VBS.TV has just launched a new skate-focused show called Epicly Later’d. It’s brought to you by Patrick O’Dell, who created the widely popular blog of the same name. The first episode features Australian skate terror Dustin Dollin. There are two parts in this first episode and both are not to be missed. Speaking of misses, don't miss out on any future fun...bookmark Epicly Later'd today and tune in often!

Win a Signed Braydon Deck From FUEL TV!

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Emerica pro Braydon Szafranski recently stopped by the set of FUEL TV's The Daily Habit, appeared on the show, and dropped off a one-of-a-kind signed skate deck. Now FUEL TV is giving it away! If you're interested in a chance to win it, visit FUEL TV's Web site and sign-up!

Oh yeah, a bunch of other pros also dropped off their rare, signed skate decks, so you'll have not just one, but 10 chances to win! Hurry, though, because this offer ends on February 28, 2007!

Featured Shoe: KSL Dos Baker

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Longtime friends Emerica and Baker join forces for the first time on a shoe with the KSL Dos Baker. Featuring oiled suede with debossed Baker logos on the toe and heel, a red suede underlay, a red Baker "B" logo / Emerica logo pattern on the insole, and last but not least, the finishing touch: a fully thugged Baker logo laceplate.

Buy a pair of the KSL Dos Baker today down at your friendly neighborhood skate shop. If they don't have 'em, look online.

About STI

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The Sole Technology Institute, also known as STI, is the world's first and only biomechanics research organization dedicated to the study of skateboarding. What the hell is biomechanics? That's just a fancy word for how we measure all of the stress your body goes through while jumping off huge objects during everyday skateboarding.

We even have a big lab full of stuff like handrails, flat bars and mini-ramps surrounded by sensitive measuring instruments. Why? So we can have fun goofing off at lunch, of course. Just kidding. Really, it's to test and develop new technologies to make the highest performing skateboarding footwear around--shoes that improve the performance of, reduce the risk of injury to, and increase the longevity and enjoyment of skateboarders everywhere.