Emerica Team Report 10.13.03

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Northeast Kids In Emerica Tour
I’m happy to say the Northeast Kids In Emerica tour was a complete success despite a few minor injuries. Andrew Reynolds, Heath Kirchart, Kevin Long, Bryan Herman, Aaron Suski, Austin Stephens and Braydon Szafranski all took part in Emerica’s nine-day East Coast extravaganza. At each stop in each new city, the team was happy to meet and touch base with every one of their fellow skateboarders who came out to show their support. The positivity and enthusiasm for raw skateboarding, personified by all the Kids in Emericas we encountered along the way, was overwhelming, to say the least.
Big ups to all the shops who put up with us during our visit to their territory and especially to all the Kids that made the effort to come meet the team or check out the demos. A special thanks, goes out to Amy from KCDC skate shop in Brooklyn, New York for being such a gracious host to the Emerica team during our stay in the city. Check the More section soon for a complete tour report. And for those of you who couldn’t make it out to any of our stops this time, check out the upcoming Kids In Emerica tour video when it finally drops to catch the best of the action that went down. In the meantime, check out this teaser that Emerica videographer Jon Miner put together. As always, let us know what you think.
Bling Fest
While the above listed Emerica crew were making their way across the East Coast, another group of Emerica team riders were holding things down on the Westside at the second annual Active Ride Shop Bling Fest Best Trick contest that went down last Saturday, October 11 in California’s Inland Empire. Although reigning champion Andrew Reynolds was unable to make it out this year, fellow Emerica riders Erik Ellington, Ed Templeton, Leo Romero and more were on hand to represent Emerica and take part in the Active madness that’s fast becoming a yearly tradition. The appearance of the Emerica team and the impromptu autograph signing by Emerica pro Erik Ellington kept the Emerica booth hopping all day long. A big thanks goes out to all the Kids who came by the Emerica booth and filled out the questionnaire. Your voices were heard.
Tosh On Element Tour
While all this was going on in the U.S., Emerica pro Tosh Townend was on the road with the Element team, hitting Canada hard and with a vengeance. No word from Tosh yet on how the tour went, but if he skated half as good as he skated during our Euro Kids In Emerica tour, you can bet that more than a few Canadian skateboarders were left with their jaws on the floor.
Active Escondido Demo
Before the Emerica team left for the Northeast Kids tour, we did a demo for the Active Ride Shop in Escondido. Check out this video clip from the site to see some of the action from the Emerica team and everybody else...
Josh Evin Tearing It Up
Speaking of Canada, Emerica Canada rider Josh Evin has been making a name for himself on the World Cup contest circuit. Josh followed up his 4th place finish in Oceanside at the Triple Crown finals that took place there September 25-28 with a respectable 7th place finish at the West 49 Canadian Open Championship that went down in Toronto October 4-5. Check out the international montage in Emerica’s This Is Skateboarding bonus DVD to see some footage of Josh and his patented brand of skateboarding annihilation.
Emerica Image
Senn Sweeps Heckler
The Heckler Strawberry Bowl Contest in Nor Cal is a backyard pool competition that is actually more like a session than an actual contest. Senn-Dog won this year and received $300 bucks and a new BBQ for his trouble. His bag of tricks included: Blunt to backside disaster in the shallow end (quick tranny to two feet of vert), backside Smith in the shallow, big backside kickflip in the deep end (9 ft.), long (6-8 ft.) Smith ginds around the light and over the deathbox, nosegrind tailgrabs, Indy nosepicks, backside grab to backside disasters, frontside disasters, frontside ollies, backside ollies and chicken wings. Chris also attempted to frontside boardslide to frontside revert over the stairs in the shallow end (8 ft. wide), but didn’t quite pull it.
Other competitors included seasoned tranny dogs such as Wade Speyer, Toad, Bailey, Darren Navarette, Remy Stratton, Mark Partain and Brigham Edwards. They were all skating really well—especially Wade and Toad. Duane Peters, Chris Cook and Sam Cunnigham skated in the Masters Division (35 and older), and Duane claimed this one. This contest was a lot of fun. Congrats to Senn-Dog for taking top honors!

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