Emerica Team Report 10.20.03

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Oops! With everything going on around the Emerica headquarters—like working with the team to design new Emerica shoes and gear, planning Emerica tours and videos, putting the new site together and always working to bring you guys the best ads that Emerica can provide each month—we sometimes get a little clumsy with the details. We got a message the other day from a fellow member telling us that the new Templeton 3 was sent out with a specs tag that said the upper material was made from leather. Well, it’s not. We screwed up. In the tradition of Ed’s previous shoe offerings from Emerica, all of his Templeton 3 shoes are entirely synthetic. Sorry meat lovers, despite what the misleading tag says, don’t even bother trying to eat them. Thanks for the heads up. Emerica is listening and action is being taken to correct this error on the next round of Templeton 3 shoes being crafted right now. Without you guys to keep us on our toes, things would probably fall apart around here. Thanks again, and keep it up.

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Speaking of Ed, the Tempster’s got a new art show coming up called The Prevailing Nothing. It will be held at the prestigious Roberts & Tilton gallery in Los Angeles from November 15 to December 20. If you’re a skateboarder, a fan of Ed’s or just interested in seeing photos of Ed’s wife Deanna naked and you live near LA, you’re invited to come out opening night and say hello. Here’s the info:

Ed Templeton—The Prevailing Nothing
November 15-December 20, 2003
Opening reception:
Saturday, November 15, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Roberts & Tilton
6150 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Phone: 323.549.0223
Fax: 323.549.0224

Emerica pro Aaron Suski is on the road filming with the 5boro team in Philly right now. Aaron and crew are busy putting the final touches on the new 5boro video, Word of Mouth. For those of you that don’t know what 5boro is: it’s an independent board company based out of NYC that is heavily involved in the East Coast skate scene. 5boro is also Aaron’s board sponsor of some years who don’t spend money on ads (hence, the title Word of Mouth), but instead invest what money they do make on paying their riders, creating and sponsoring local events and projects (like cleaning-up the Brooklyn Banks), and doing tours to promote skateboarding in their home territory and elsewhere. Suski and the boys are definitely keepin’ it street for the NYC skate scene. 5boro is skateboarding, so support them and make sure you get your hands on a copy of Word of Mouth when it hits the shelves this December. If any of this sounds interesting to you, check out their web site and learn more about ‘em at

Team rider Kevin Long just left with skateboarding photographer Atiba Jefferson and the following assignment from Emerica: "Don’t come back without a hammer for your next Emerica ad." Knowing Spanky, he’ll probably be back with several hams in a few hours.

Emerica teammate Bryan Herman has been doing kickflip front crooks down rails lately. Bryan’s impressive talent has led this partial observer to overhear more than a few jaded industry insiders wonder aloud, "What can’t this kid do?" Tech, gnar—Bryan’s got it covered, and at only seventeen years of age, one can only ponder what the future holds in store for Emerica’s uber-am. His Baker part is almost guaranteed to set new standards for what can be done on four wheels when it finally drops. Pick up the new issue of Skateboarder magazine (December 2003) and check out Bryan and Spanky’s "Cohorts" article. Also, feast your mind on an Andrew Reynolds "Anatomy" article to be found therein and find out why skateboarding is so much better off since Andrew decided to put down the bottle.

Last but not least, young Emericans Leo Romero and Matt Allen are heading back home to Southern California after spending a week or so filming in and around the Colorado Rockies for the upcoming Circle F video, That’s Life.

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