Emerica Team Report 10.27.03

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Anybody go to the Damn Am contest held at the Volcom warehouse in Costa Mesa, California last weekend? Well, if you did, you got to see some pretty impressive skating from Emerica ams like Leo Romero, Matt Allen and Bryan Herman. I missed qualifying day on Saturday, but judging from the results posted on the Damn Am site, Bryan must’ve been having a hard time out there during his runs. When, a day later, Bryan was asked to comment from Joey Poiriez’s house in San Diego on his disappointing contest showing in Costa Mesa, Bryan seemed shocked and amused by the news that he finished in 99th place. "I got 99th?" he asked, forcing back what sounded like a laugh (but very well could’ve been a cry), "That sucks!"

Matt and Leo seemed to fare a bit better, and both of them made the cut into Sunday’s semi-finals. Matt ended up taking 28th place when all was said and done, but Leo advanced to the finals with some entertaining mid-run antics and some incredible skateboarding. Midway through one run, Leo took a break on the platform of the flatbank to get a quick back and neck rub from a pretty redhead, who sent him back onto the course to complete his run with a swift pat on the ass. Not one to do the same line twice, during another run, Leo stopped in front of 411 filmer Vern Laird and exchanged his board for a video camera. Leo proceeded to film Vern attempt a kickflip, then they exchanged again and Leo finished-up his run. On another run, Leo passed his board off to Emerica flow rider Angel Ramirez, who landed a nice kickflip to fakie on a quarterpipe before handing Leo his board back in time for Leo to take up his run again. Leo came up with something to look forward to in each run and ultimately walked away from the entire spectacle in 7th place overall. Not to be forgotten, Emerica flow riders Rick Eusey (9th place) and Johnny Layton (23rd place) also skated nicely all weekend. Mystery skateboards’ Ryan Bobier took home the victory this year.

Although he wasn’t skating in the contest, Spanky showed-up both days to support his fellow Emerica teammates. At least that’s what he told us he was doing there, but for some reason, I don’t get the impression his attention was focused strictly on skateboarding the whole time.

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Any of you Kids in Emericas living in the Southern California area are invited out to the Long Beach Convention Center at 2:00 p.m. this Sunday, November 2 to watch Emerica team riders Andrew Reynolds, Erik Ellington, Tosh Townend, Kevin Long, Bryan Herman and Leo Romero battle it out with a host of other big-name pros and ams for $5000 at Active Ride Shop’s first annual Best Trick Invitational.

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Last but not least, Emerica would like to wish all of you Kids in Emericas a happy and safe Halloween! Try to stay out of trouble, you little brats! By the way, anybody got any good costume suggestions for the Emerica team this year? Let’s hear ‘em if you do.

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  1. this shit is so old look how young spanky looks

    cory lynn's Emeritar cory lynn Posted:
  2. ha ha, all these guys their talking about have been pro for a while.

    Eric's Emeritar Eric Posted:
  3. I'm returning to skateboarding!

    Joey Poiriez's Emeritar Joey Poiriez Posted:

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