Emerica Team Report 12.15.03

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Firstly, let me apologize for taking so long to update your news. Wintertime, the holidays and vacation time (in Mexico!) have conspired to slow the rate of output from your humble narrator’s desk. That’s not to say, however, that nothing’s been happening. Oh, quite the contrary! Some secret missions from Emerica pro Heath Kirchart have been regular as of late. Seems Heath is fully recovered from the recent chronic knee pain that’s been holding him back the past month or so. Not so fortunate, however, is new Emerica pro Kevin Long. Spanky, who was similarly suffering from some acute knee discomfort, finally got a professional diagnosis and underwent minor knee surgery last week to fix the problem. No worries, though. This was no ACL-type surgery, and Spanky is already off the crutches and should be back on his new Baker pro model deck before the New Year!

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Surgery couldn’t hold Spanky back from making an appearance in Southern California last Saturday at the Grand Opening Ceremony of the brand-new Skatepark of Lake Forest, along with his fellow Emerica teammates Andrew Reynolds, Heath Kirchart, Ed Templeton, Erik Ellington, Chris Senn, Bryan Herman and Austin Stephens, among others. The Emerica team performed a demo with pros and ams from some other local companies at the newly-built, free outdoor public park located right next door to the Emerica global domination headquarters. Mobs of Kids in Emericas came out to check out the park and join in the festivities with the Emerica team and the rest. Thanks to all the Kids who came out. Hope to see you at the park soon!

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We know, we know. Many of you don’t happen to live anywhere near Southern California, but if you do happen to live in or around the general vicinity of Northern Florida, Georgia, Alabama or Mississippi, the Emerica team is planning to wrap-up the Kids In Emerica tour with a final Dirty South leg in January. No solid dates or locations yet, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted on the details as plans get finalized.

And finally, in some East Coast news, Emerica rider Aaron Suski returned home to chilly NYC upon completing his stint on the Satori skate trip down to also-chilly Atlanta. Despite the weather, Aaron claims the skating was good and you may feast your eyes on an article coming out "somewhere, sometime." For you Northeast Kids down to support your local scene, be sure to check out the shop premieres of the new 5boro video, Word of Mouth, happening at the following shops on the following dates:

Friday, December 19
The Shelter
Albany, NY

Saturday, December 20
NJ skate shop
Sayerville, NJ

Also Saturday, December 20
Red Planet
Oswego, NY

Someday (call for date)
The Skate Lair
Hartford, CT

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