Dirty South Kids in Emerica tour

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Kicking-off 2004 with non-stop skateboarding destruction, the Emerica crew is headed to the southland for one of the best tours of the year—The Dirty South Kids In Emerica Tour.

Emerica Team:

Andrew Reynolds
Heath Kirchart
Erik Ellington
Tosh Townend
Bryan Herman
Leo Romero
Matt Allen

Dates & Locations:

Friday, Jan 9
Tampa, FL
(813) 621-6793

Tuesday, Jan 13
Outer Limits Skate Shop
Jacksonville, FL
(904) 260-2320

Wednesday, Jan 14
Ambush Boarding Co.
Kennesaw, GA
(770) 592-9200

Friday, Jan 16
Atlanta, GA
(678) 847-5727

Sunday, Jan 18
Faith Skate Supply
Birmingham, AL
(205) 326-6670

Tuesday, Jan 20
Westside Skate Shop
Hattiesburg, MS
(601) 261-0650

Wednesday, Jan 21
Beach Plus Skate Shop
Ft. Walton Beach, FL
(850) 244-6695

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