Emerica Team Report 02.02.04

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Back in LA, back to work! The Emerica team is finally all settled in back home from their recent adventures. But that doesn’t mean the pressure is off of our lovable band of miscreants. In fact, it’s just the opposite for these dedicated skate-aholics.

Firstly, Emerica’s Baker boys, Andrew Reynolds, Erik Ellington, Spanky, Bryan Herman and Braydon Szafranski are already hard at work on the next Baker video. The filming sessions are daily, but The Boss is on a serious mission. See some early fruits of Andrew’s recent labor sometime soon in an upcoming interview in the new magazine Atiba works on, aptly titled The Skateboard Mag.

Then you’ve got Emerica’s loyal Toy Machine pawns, Ed Templeton and Austin Stephens. These guys have pushed back the deadline for Good & Evil in order to give you guys what Ed is claiming will be the best Toy Machine video of all time. Better than Welcome to Hell? Believe it. Both the Toy video and the Baker video are tentatively scheduled for Fall / Winter 2004 releases.

If those release dates seem too far off, don’t fret. Emerica to the rescue! The Kids in Emerica tour video should be dropping sometime this coming spring. I know what you’re thinking: "another crappy tour video?" Hell, no! Emerica is about to blow away any preconceived notions you may have about tour videos (except for their cheap price) with the release of the Kids in Emerica tour video. For one thing, this isn’t footage from just one tour like every other tour video you’ve ever seen, but rather a whole year’s worth of touring. That’s over thirty-five events in more than seven countries! Then we cut out all the crap to give you only the finest footage collected from the entire year (including some new street footage accumulated along the way)—all condensed into one tight and inexpensive DVD. This DVD is your ticket to get on the plane and in the van with the Emerica team and experience all the magic and mayhem that can occur during one year on the road with these guys.

And if that’s not enough, of course there’s always Emerica’s young Circle-F affiliates, Leo Romero and Matt Allen. Those two are just now putting the finishing touches on their respective Foundation video parts as you read this. That’s Life, featuring Leo, Matt, and the rest of Foundation’s unwashed cast, is scheduled to premiere sometime the first week in March. Both of these Kids have been working harder than they’ve ever worked to make their first full-length parts for their board sponsor something you’ll remember. You’re not gonna want to miss this one, I guarantee it. For proof, just check out Leo’s fourteen-page interview in the latest Big Brother (R.I.P.). Gnarly is one description.

Also working on an interview for an upcoming issue of The Skateboard Mag is Emerica pro Heath Kirchart. Heath’s been on a rigorous filming / photo routine with the new mag’s editor / part-owner, Dave Swift, for the past few weeks. Expect more of what you expect from Heath in the months to come.

And last but definitely not least, as you may have noticed, the Design-A-T-Shirt contest is officially over, and the results were fantastic! Thank you to the over 3,000 Kids in Emericas who sent in their own creations. We got so many great designs that we couldn’t pick just one winner. The new plan is to create an entire series of Kids in Emerica-designed T-shirts, consisting of the top five or more entries, for release in our Spring 2005 line (the Fall 2004 line is already done). Winners will be announced soon, so keep coming back to see if your design will make it into the line! Emerica is your brand.

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