Emerica Team Report 03-01-04

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Kevin Long just got back from Australia, where he extended his trip after the World Cup contest for fourteen days to shoot photos with Giovanni Reda for TWS and Andrew Mapstone for a possible Slam (Australian skate mag) interview. Spanky claims he had a great time staying with Baker teammate Dustin Dollin and filming for the new Baker video down under, but he also claims to be extremely happy to finally be back home in Hollywood.

Andrew Reynolds returned from Lakeland, Florida, where he was shooting a “Skaters in Their Hometowns” article over the weekend with Brian Gaberman for Skateboarder magazine. Gaberman was also the photographer on a top-secret Emerica photo shoot held at the Skatepark of Lake Forest last month, which will be an upcoming feature in Skateboarder magazine. Keep your eyes peeled for Brian’s masterful photo techniques in that one soon.

Erik Ellington is shooting a new Emerica ad due this week for alignment with his new June Ellington pro shoe colorway releases. Erik’s also been working on an upcoming interview for Thrasher magazine with photographer Lance Dawes.

Tosh Townend has been home from Australia for over a week. He’s currently cooling the bruised heels he received while going big in Australia for an upcoming TWS interview he’s working on with photographer Chris Ortiz.

Ed Templeton left for a road trip out to Ohio with fellow Emerica pro Austin Stephens and Toy Machine am Josh Harmony for an upcoming group art show entitled “Beautiful Losers: Contemporary Art, Skateboarding, and Street Culture” to be on exhibit May 13-30 at the Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati. The trip also features a Toy Machine demo on March 13 and shop appearance on March 14 at Satellite 13 Skate Shop. For info about the show, go to and for more info on the demo or appearance, call Satellite 13 at (513) 791-7588.

Heath Kirchart will return either this week or next week from his cross-country Harley trip. He’s been skating street spots (and public parks) along the way with local filmers and photographers. Heath has aligned the April Emerica ads with the domestic early release of his third pro shoe offering from Emerica, the Kirchart 3, which he has stated publicly is the best pro shoe he’s ever made. We think you’ll agree.

Emerica am Bryan Herman just scored the first-ever am feature in the introductory issue of The Skateboard Mag and is wrapping-up his upcoming Am Spotlight for TWS with photographer Seu Trinh. Looks like the world may finally be ready to accept the fact that Bryan is turning into one of the most naturally talented skaters coming up right now. If Bryan isn’t your favorite skateboarder yet, just wait until the new Baker video drops. If you can’t wait that long, get the Kids in Emerica video when it hits the shops mid-April to see his unbelievably consistent skills. The kid knows his board, cuz.

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Speaking of the upcoming Kids in Emerica video, not only did Leo Romero come through with some serious hammers for that one, but he is putting the finishing touches on his first full-length video part for Foundation in their upcoming video, That’s Life, scheduled for a March 8 premier at La Paloma theatre in Encinitas, California. Foundation will be turning Leo pro upon release of the video, which will align with his upcoming Emerica ad. Dang, Leo’s been all over the place lately! He just had a twelve-page interview in the latest (last) issue of Big Brother, as well as being spotlighted with fellow Emerica ams Bryan Herman and Matt Allen in the current Skateboarder magazine’s “Too Cool For School” am feature (three of the six ams spotlighted were Emerica ams!). As if all that weren’t enough, Leo also has the cover and a twelve-page page interview in this month’s Document (British skate mag), the result of a ten-day trip to London last December (I’m sure all you British Kids in Emerica can appreciate the difficulty and improbability of achieving this amidst a mere ten days of mid-winter English weather).

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