Tosh Blab Interview Online!

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Remember the “Member’s Only” blab interview you guys did with Heath Kirchart a couple months back? Well, that format is back and we’re at it again with round two in the series. The subject of your inquiries this time will be the latest Emerica rider to release a pro model shoe, our very own twelve-hamburger-eating white lion and HB park skate rat, Mr. Tosh Townend.

Kickflipping fourteen stairs at fourteen years of age, feeble grinding twenties at only fifteen, and lipsliding twenties at sixteen, and just having celebrated his nineteenth birthday, Tosh has already been around the world and back, suffered some serious ankle wreckage that took him out during filming for TIS, made a complete recovery, and is gearing up right now for an upcoming Element video, which could end up being his first full video part since Sight Unseen. When you guys see Tosh’s footage in the Kids in Emerica DVD, you’ll understand the skills that this kid possesses on a skateboard and have some insight into the gnarliness that’s definitely in store for Tosh’s next part. Ask him all about it yourself RIGHT HERE.

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