Emerica team report 04.19.04

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Emerica team riders Andrew Reynolds, Erik Ellington, Bryan Herman, and Braydon Szafranski flew home safely from NYC on Sunday. They were returning from an 18-day Baker east coast tour. Remaining in NYC for the next 10 days is Emerica team rider Kevin Long in order to shoot photos with Thrasher photog Patrick O’Dell. With something in the whereabouts of 14 demos over the past fortnight and four, this select crew of Emerica riders directly spread the gospel to well in excess of 5,000 east coast kids. Thanks, Andrew’s Baker budget!

Also returning home safely from tour this weekend was Emerica riders Ed Templeton and Austin Stephens. Ed and Austin were on a filming mission in skate-mecca Barcelona, Spain for Toy Machine’s upcoming Good & Evil video with photographer Jon Humphries for the past 12 days. Ed says they killed it; so expect to see some coverage of this one in the upcoming months.

Still on tour are Emerica riders Leo Romero and Matt Allen. Leo and Matt are in New Mexico on a filming mission with Foundation skateboards and photographer Lance Dawes of Thrasher & Slap magazines. But don’t worry, because Leo and Matt plan to return from tour in the next two days.

And why does it seem like each of these groups of Emerica team riders are all returning home around the same time? Because of the World Premier of the Kids in Emerica DVD and backyard BBQ/party/skate-jam-thingy this Saturday in Victorville, California, silly. Duh. Check this link for the info, and trust me, this is one premier party you’re not gonna want to miss!

Check the latest Skateboarder mag for a 10-page editorial feature starring the Emerica team barging the Skate Park of Lake Forest after dark and wearing absolutely (gasp!) no safety equipment!

Seen the new 5boro video Word of Mouth yet? If not, you’re in for a treat. Emerica team rider Aaron Suski’s got the closing part and what his part may lack in length it more than makes up for in style and creativity. If you got a chance to see Aaron’s stuff in the recent issue of Slap magazine, then you know what I’m sayin’. And as if that weren’t enough, Aaron just released a part in the new Sartori wheels video Roots & Culture. While I admit, I haven’t had a chance to see this video yet, I’m sure it features another stylish winner from Aaron as well as the rest of the posse.

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