Team Report 04.26.04

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Holy crap! Over 400 Kids came out to the Pharmacy Boardshop HQ in Victorville, California this weekend to celebrate Emerica rider Leo Romero’s recent induction into skateboarding’s professional ranks and to view the world premiere of the Kids in Emerica DVD. Emerica riders Heath Kirchart, Tosh Townend, Erik Ellington, Bryan Herman, Matt Allen, Joey Poiriez and more (Trainwreck, Ethan Fowler, Daniel Shimizu, Chad Bartie, etc.) turned up for the live music, free BBQ, drinks and general merriment with their fans.

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A Best Trick contest was held on the Pharmacy HQ hubbas during the day, and as dusk fell, the crowd jockeyed for position in front of the projection screen to witness Emerica’s latest masterpiece, Kids in Emerica. Emerica’s Bryan Herman tied with the boy-of-the-day and fellow Emerica teammate Leo Romero for first place in the Best Trick contest, with third place going to up-and-comer Antwon Dixon, effectively splitting the $1000 prize up three ways: $400, $400 and $200, respectively.

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Despite having well over 400 Kids in his backyard eating, drinking, and breaking themselves off on his skate obstacles, Donny Damron, owner of the Pharmacy skate shops, reports that the day was an enormous success thanks to the great attitudes of the Kids in attendance, the hard work of all his staff and the support of all of Leo’s other sponsors (Foundation, Thunder, Spitfire and Analog). Events like this are what skateboarding is all about, and Emerica would like to thank Pharmacy for hosting such an out-of-hand skate party for all to enjoy.

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Media from The Skateboard Mag, Thrasher, Slap, TWS and more were on hand to cover the event. Call your local skate shop and order the Kids in Emerica DVD (including bonus and secret footage!) today. This DVD is a steal at only $10 - $12 and makes a worthy companion piece to Emerica’s This is Skateboarding DVD released last year.

Hippies beware! The Northwest is about to be blitzed with Emerica riders as the Baker team heads off on the final leg of their U.S. tour. Emerica team riders Andrew Reynolds, Erik Ellington, Kevin Long, Bryan Herman and Braydon Szafranski leave this week with Thrasher photographer Patrick O’Dell to hit eight shops in California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington states. Here’s the itinerary:

April 30—Pharmacy, Palmdale, CA
May 1—Copeland’s, Fresno, CA
May 2—Skateworks, Redwood City, CA
May 4—Out of Bounds, Carson City, NV
May 5—Exit Real World, Salem, OR
May 7—Grey Market, Kent, WA
May 8—Zumiez, Spokane, WA
May 9—Sub Skates, Las Vegas, NV

Emerica rider Kevin Long has been staying in New York City with Thrasher photographer Patrick O’Dell between Baker East and West Coast tour dates. The weather has been spotty, but good overall, and Spanky reports the skating has been amazing since enjoi pros Jerry Hsu and Caswell Berry have joined him on the floor at Patrick’s crib.

Rock the Vote! With over 3300 votes tallied, Emerica tops the list of Active Mailorder’s poll for Favorite Shoe Brand, with over 30% of the vote as of this writing. éS is a distant second place, with little over 23% and the rest are even further off than that. Go to the Active website ( and see the results for yourself. While you’re on the web, you may want to check out the poll on the Skatepark of Tampa website to see Emerica’s This is Skateboarding DVD running neck and neck with Girl’s Yeah Right and Flip’s Really Sorry for Best Video of 2003, with 21%, 22%, and 20% of the votes, respectively (no other video is even in the double digits!)

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