Team Report 05-03-04

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Emerica riders Andrew Reynolds, Erik Ellington, Kevin Long, Bryan Herman, and Braydon Szafranski are on West Coast tour with Baker Skateboards right now. With three demos down in Central and Northern California, the Emerica presence on the Pacific Northwest (and Las Vegas!) is about to blow-up with the remaining five demos still to go. Here’s the complete list of dates and locations:

Apr 30-Pharmacy, Palmdale, CA
May 1-Copeland’s, Fresno, CA
May 2-Skateworks, Redwood City, CA
May 4-Out of Bounds, Carson City, NV
May 5-Exit Real World , Salem, OR
May 7-Grey Market, Kent, WA
May 8-Zumiez, Spokane, WA
May 9-Sub Skates, Las Vegas, NV

The Slam City Jam contest was held over the weekend in Vancouver, BC. Emerica riders in attendance, Ed Templeton, Tosh Townend, Chris Senn and Aaron Suski wowed the crowds in practice, but collectively sucked wind during their runs. Free marketing statement: contests are an abysmally ineffective attempt at quantifying skateboarding for outsider interests.

Meanwhile, back in L.A., Heath Kirchart has been busy undertaking some covert late night, early morning missions collecting footage and photos for an as-yet-to-be-determined upcoming project.

Speaking of undertaking, the one-and-only Darren Navarette is currently on an Oregon skatepark trip with fellow Emerica rider Chris Senn for The Skateboard Mag. Might some lucky Oregonians be privileged enough to witness the possible serendipitous Emerica team rendezvous between the touring Baker and Skateboard Mag clans at a local skatepark in the coming days? Stranger things have happened.

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