Team Report 05.31.04

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Andrew Reynolds, Heath Kirchart, Erik Ellington, Kevin Long, Bryan Herman and Leo Romero returned home this week from Emerica’s tour of France, Holland and Belgium. Despite Andrew hurting his foot on the last day of tour, forcing him to miss the final Emerica demo in Chelles, France at the V7 Teenage Tour contest finale, the tour and photo mission with Giovanni Reda from TransWorld was a complete and unabashed success. Thanks to the thousands of Kids that turned out for the demos in France, Holland, and Belgium—over 2000 at one demo in Rotterdam, Holland, plus another 2000 in Chelles. It appears that the Emerica team’s dedication to pure, raw skateboarding is finally having an impact on a global scale. Death to swishy pants!

Speaking of dedication to skateboarding, the Emerica crew broke it off at every street spot they visited, and just to give an example of how much action went down, Giovanni says he shot twenty-seven sequences alone! That’s not including stills. Be sure to check for an upcoming issue of TransWorld for at least a few of those sequences and stills in an Emerica tour article about the trip, as well as residual coverage pouring out for probably the next six months, at least!

Speaking of coverage, check out the latest issue of Thrasher with Emerica’s Panama / Costa Rica tour article inside. Heath, Spanky, Leo, and Big Herms are all up in da piece with a nice sixteen-pager shot and penned by one of skateboarding’s most dedicated workers, the inimitable Mr. Michael Burnett. Also featuring a Park Check from the Emerica tour at the Hotel Tilawa skatepark in Costa Rica.

Emerica pro Kevin Long was awarded skateboarding’s Rookie of the Year trophy at the TransWorld Awards on May 26. This kid’s dedication to skateboarding has taken him a long way in just a few short years, with undoubtedly many more successful years to come, and Emerica is proud to be an ongoing supporter of Kevin’s pro skate career. Since Kevin was in Paris skating with his Emerica teammates during the actual award ceremony, Kevin’s Baker teammate (and former Emerica pro) Jim Greco accepted the award on his behalf. Congratulations, Spanky! You deserve it!

If you live in the Northeast and would like to meet Spanky and personally congratulate him on his new situation, as well as meet and skate with Emerica riders Andrew Reynolds, Heath Kirchart, Tosh Townend, Leo Romero, and Bryan Herman, be sure to come out to Autumn skate shop in NYC on Saturday, June 12 for Emerica’s Wild In The Streets event. Check the link for more details on this completely anarchistic and unconventional event.

Also, if you plan on coming out, get down for the cause and bring some cash for the Mega Raffle, ‘cuz we’ve got over $15,000 worth of free product from your favorite skate companies to raffle off at KCDC skate shop later in the day. Believe me, you’re gonna want to buy at least $20 worth of raffle tix on Saturday! Plus, all the proceeds go toward helping pay down some of John Cardiel’s hospital bills incurred from his back injury sustained while on tour in Australia a few months back. Word from the boys up North at the Deluxe cartel is that Cardiel is well on his way to a full recovery and should be skating again in a matter of months. As if you didn’t already know, just more proof that Cards is tuff as nails!

More congratulations are in order this week for Emerica team riders. This time they’re for the Boss, himself. Before heading out to France, Holland, and Belgium for the Emerica tour, Andrew Reynolds took a trip up to San Francisco to compete in Thrasher’s Wallenberg Challenge. Well, as expected, Andrew handled the infamous four-block with a hefty frontside flip with trademark ease and skated away as champion. Other notable tricks that went down that day were Darrel Stanton’s switch backside 180 and Lindsey Robertson with a heelflip. Check out for all the details.

Also worth mentioning are some new Emerica site updates for all y’all. Firstly, the tech team at has just added all of our current Summer Shoes, with Apparel soon to follow. Ask for these new styles and colorways at a better skate shop near you. Also, check out the Tosh Townend Member’s Only interview coming soon, featuring his answers to questions submitted by our very own members!

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