Team Report 07-19-04

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Emerica riders Kevin Long, Bryan Herman, Chris Senn and Aaron Suski competed this weekend at the World Championships of Skateboarding in Dortmund, Germany (featuring an ill-conceived, egg-shaped Hot Wheels track-style park Loop!). Unfortunately for Spanky (and the German K. Lo fans who hung out the Kevin “Spanky” Long banner during the contest), a couple of falls during his runs set him back on Saturday. However, the rest of the Emerica crew pulled it together and advanced to the Semis on Sunday.

The Suskinator had some decent runs, but nothing matching his amazing runs on Saturday, and he was halted at the Semis. Hermdog proved to be a crowd favorite for the weekend, despute that both of his runs in the Semis were plagued early by falls. But it was what Bryan did after the falls that really drew the crowd’s attention, and applause. The entire weekend nobody else even attempted backside nose bluntslides down the rail, massive hardflips across the pyramid deck, and the huuuuge kickflip across the entire pyramid to flat, but Bryan did them in his runs and left the kids in the stands screaming for their new hero!

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Yet, it was the “old” master who would ultimately teach the young guns a lesson last weekend in Dortmund. Coming in hot off his victory in Austria last month, Chris Senn blazed his way to the Finals in trademark Senndog style, doing the biggest transfers, grinds, and slides—all at mach speeds. During the Finals, Senn pulled out all the stops and was the only person to dare go up against The Loop. Adapting to its egg-shaped transition, Senn yanked himself frontside and upside down, avoiding the kinked ceiling, and rode away clean as the crowd erupted in amazement and disbelief.

Unfortunately, Chris completed his feat after the judges had stopped the clock, so it didn’t go toward his Final score. No worries from Senn, though. "That was the most fun I’ve ever had on a skateboard," quipped the smiling Senn just minutes after his triumph over the Loop of Death. And that’s saying a lot coming from this veteran gnarler. Even without landing his "flip" trick before time, Senn’s contest runs were good enough to land him in 7th place overall (fending off an onslaught of Brazilian contest machines, Bastien Salabanzi—a contest machine in his own right—took 1st place, making him the first-ever three-time winner).

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This week the Emerica crew minus Senn travels to Cologne to street skate with German photographer Helge Tscharn of Monster Mag fame. Senn will be traveling to Bologne, Italy to skate the freshly-built Dreamland park there to film for the upcoming World Cup Video by Bryce Kanights. Then it’s off to Prague next weekend where they will all meet-up again for the Mystic Cup.

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