Team Report 07-26-04

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Cologne, Germany is one of the best cities in Europe for skating, and thanks to our friend, skate photographer Helge Tscharn, Emerica riders Kevin Long, Bryan Herman and Aaron Suski got a chance to skate some of the better spots that the city has to offer last week. Our other friend David Carsen even invited us and some more Emerica homies to a BBQ and mini-ramp party at his brand-new, private, indoor mini-ramp on our last night in Cologne. Props go out to Marco, Patrick, Holger, David and Helge for being such gracious hosts to the Emerica team during our recent visit to Cologne. Thanks, as well, to all of you Kids in Emerica that we got to hang out with during the Dortmund contest. You guys rule, and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

Unless you live in Germany, you’ll have to wait for the next Baker video to come out to see what Bryan and Spanky got up to in Cologne. If you can’t wait that long, however, and you want to see footage of Spanky, Andrew Reynolds, Heath Kirchart, Leo Romero and Tosh Townend from Emerica’s last trip to Germany, you need to get your hands on the Kids in Emerica tour video. It’s got almost an hour’s worth of footage for the low, low, suggested retail price of $11.95 and, like all Emerica products, is available only at your better skateboard shops. And for all of you Suski fiends out there: Aaron just wrapped-up three short-but-sweet sections in the new 5boro, Sartori and Volcom videos. Get ’em while they’re hot, Kids!

After Cologne, the Emerica crew flew to Prague to meet up with fellow team rider Chris Senn for the Mystic Cup. Chris took the days off between Dortmund and Prague to visit the newly-built Dreamland skatepark in Bologna, Italy. Unfortunately for Chris, however, his battered shoulder sustained in Dortmund wouldn’t allow him to destroy the freshly laid concrete before him. Like the rest of the Emerica team, Chris lives and breathes skateboarding, so you know the pain must’ve been intense if it succeeded in keeping him off his board in Bologna. To Chris’ dismay, and with no earlier flights back to the U.S. available, he ended up in pro skater limbo, injured while on tour, unable to skate for the rest of the trip. But there are worse places to be while on the Disabled List than Prague, I suppose.

Mystic Cup is by far the best contest of the European circuit, in no small part due to the mysterious beauty of the city of Prague itself, but mainly due to the hospitality of Mystic’s Tomas and his people and the relaxed atmosphere they allow to flourish surrounding the event. More than any other contest, Mystic feels like the European version of the Tampa Pro contests—run by skaters, for skaters. This is something of a rarity these days, unfortunately, but it’s good to see it still exists in some places. Suski skated stylish and big in practice, but couldn’t hang on for his runs.

Herman and Spanky both had some good runs and made it to the Semis, but it was Spanky who ultimately ended up in the Finals in Prague (rockin’ his homemade Emerica T-shirt!) and wound up with a respectable 13th place finish (Brazilian pro Rodil, Jr. took 1st). However, not only did Kevin unleash some heavy runs this past weekend in Prague, but he also unveiled to the world a fun new trick, the Spanky grind, to an enthusiastic reception (basically a variation on the Suski grind, the Spanky grind is just a Suski but grabbing Crail while grinding). Way to go, K. Lo, and the rest of the Emerica crew!

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