Design Your Own Emerica T-Shirt!

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Check out the second installment of the recently imitated, but never duplicated, Kids in Emerica Design-A-Tee Contest. When you guys, the loyal members, told us you had great ideas for shirts, Emerica wanted to see them. And you guys weren’t kidding! Last season, we chose six winning designs submitted by you, the ever-creative Kids in Emerica, to be included in our upcoming Spring 2005 T-shirt line. These shirts will be available in skate shops next January with the artist’s name and vital stats screened on the inside for props.

The Emerica team loved all of your designs, and due to the tremendous response, Emerica decided to make the Kids in Emerica Design-A-Tee Contest winners a permanent feature in the line from here on out. And guess what? It’s already time to start picking the next winners for Emerica’s Fall 2005 line, which is currently being put together. If you submitted last time, but your creation didn’t get picked, don’t give up. Who knows? Maybe this will be your lucky season and you’ll end up seeing your very own Emerica T-shirt for sale in your local skate shop next Summer!

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(5) responses to: Design Your Own Emerica T-Shirt!

  1. i want to make a cool shirt

    michael's Emeritar michael Posted:
  2. emerica is tight

    brian's Emeritar brian Posted:
  3. i like t-shirts
    i like emerica
    together they are good

    jack a's Emeritar jack a Posted:
  4. 3merica is cool
    I wish I had some emerica shoes
    there awsome

    L3ONATER's Emeritar L3ONATER Posted:
  5. i love you emerica

    giazz's Emeritar giazz Posted:

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