Team Report 08-02-04

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There is a tradition in certain hot countries like Spain called siesta in which, after the mid-day lunch, one takes a nap break for an hour or two. This easy-going, laid back vibe permeates Spanish culture. Unfortunately for Emerica riders Kevin Long and Bryan Herman, the languor and mellowness of Barcelona is completely lost on these two. You see, Bryan and Kevin are only in Barcelona for another week or so, and they’re currently kickin’ it into high gear for their parts in the upcoming Baker video. No mid-day rest for the wicked!

In related Baker video news, Emerica pros Andrew Reynolds and Erik Ellington have been spotted at several Los Angeles schoolyards over the weekend, collecting footage for their respective parts. When asked to comment about a release date for this highly-anticipated follow up to the legendary Baker Bootleg and Baker 2G videos, Andrew’s only response was, “It’ll be done when it’s done.” However, other key industry insiders are speculating a February 2005 release for the as-yet-unnamed cinematic skateboard presentation.

By the way, if you happen to live in the greater Los Angeles area (and can bear the circus-like atmosphere), be sure to come down to the Staples Center this Thursday to cheer on Drew as he competes for X Games gold in the “Street” competition being held there. First prize is $50K, so you can bet Andrew and his fellow competitors will be pulling out all the stops this Thursday. And if you want Andrew to win the gold for real street skaters everywhere, make sure to wear your Emerica T-shirt to show your support. You may even get lucky and receive a prize!

In addition to Emerica’s Baker boys, fellow Emerica teammates Heath Kirchart and Leo Romero are both in full video mode right now. This, despite the fact that neither Heath nor Leo has specified any particular project they are currently working toward. Regardless of when and where their next groundbreaking video parts appear, you may check up on their progress in the near future in upcoming issues of your favorite skateboarding magazines, like The Skateboard Mag, for instance. They are currently working on a Kirchart interview for an upcoming issue.

Anybody here see the new Thrasher with the Patrick O’Dell-penned Baker tour article? Well, if you did, then you know how amazing that ten-page article came out. Emerica boys are working overtime to bring you the heat. In addition, if you did happen to chance upon the issue in question, than you are surely now familiar with a new face, none other than Australia’s own Emerican upstart, Shane Cross.

Shane came out to the U.S. a few months ago with not much more than the Emerica shoes on his feet, but by the time he left a couple weeks back, he’d gained a board sponsor and the respect and admiration of many a jaded So Cal skate pro. In case you risk thinking this kid is just another rail jockey, then maybe you should revisit that buttery smooth nollie flip sequence from Rincon School. And there’s more where that came from. Not only does Shane bring the gnar, but this Kid’s got tech for days! Shane’s am interview in Thrasher puts him up into the hallowed ranks of young Emericans like Spanky, Bryan Herman and Leo Romero, who all broke ground with that format themselves not too long ago. We’re all looking forward to Shane’s next visit stateside to see what more he has in store.

If you haven’t already submitted your T-shirt designs for Emerica’s Kids in Emerica Design-a-Tee Contest, what are you waiting for? Last season we chose six winners, submitted by creative Kids just like you, for our official Spring 2005 line. Could this season be your season to make it into the “Hall of Infamy” with your very own design printed on a real Emerica T-shirt for sale in better skateboard shops around the world? Why not? Emerica believes in YOU!

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