Team Report 08-09-04

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Spanky’s birthday is officially over, but that doesn’t mean that the party is over, because Monday, August 9 was Emerica pro Erik Ellington’s birthday! Send Erik your shout outs! While we’re on the topic of Erik, he has completed his answers to your questions for his Member’s Only Blab interview and our crack web team is now in the process of formatting those answers for you, so it should be posted any day. Keep checkin’ back to find out which of your questions Erik picked, and to read his answers to those questions.

Great to see some of you guys at the Extreme Circus last week. Here’s an interview with Andrew about his experience there that appeared in the O.C. Register last week. Um, yeah...

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Reynolds’ Silver Worth the Wait

By Daniel Miller

The Orange County Register

LOS ANGELES – Andrew Reynolds won the silver medal in the Skateboard Street event of the X Games at Staples Center on Thursday. It was Reynolds’ first X Games medal, and it was a long time coming. Reynolds, 26, last took part in the X Games in 1998 and is candid when discussing his five-year absence.

"I did it for a few years, and then I stopped just because I didn’t care about the event."

Reynolds was lured back to the X Games by the addition of the Skateboard Street event, which replaced the Skateboard Park event he competed in from 1996-98.

"This year it had real cement ledges and stuff that is in the street," said Reynolds, whose best finish in the park event was fifth in 1997.

The competition took place in a concrete plaza adjacent to Staples Center. It featured rails, stairs, banking and ledges. Unlike the popular Skateboard Vert event, which features a 100-foot wide ramp, the Skateboard Street event relies on realistic street terrain that Reynolds prefers.

Reynolds, who lived in Huntington Beach for several years and recently moved to Hollywood, brings his street skateboarding philosophy to Baker Skateboards, the company he founded in 2001, and now runs. With much of his time spent running Baker and working on new skateboarding videos, when he does take part in competitions, Reynolds said he does it for pleasure.

"It’s just skating to me," he said. "When I compete, it’s the same as if I was going to do a demo for the kids."

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