Erik’s Special Edition One-Month Anniversary Team Report 09-23-04

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Hey, Kids. Erik Ellington here "celebrating" a whole month now with no new Emerica team report. Team Manager Justin Regan has been lagging too hard on it, so I have to take over and do something about it.

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Since the last team report on 08-23-04, we did a Baker demo at Active Ride Shop in Escondido, California. That was pretty fun. Jim Greco’s band played. He’s got a couple of different band names. I think this one was Coaster Noaster or something. Then he’s got the Fuckos. I don’t know, he’s got a couple of them…maybe three different bands.

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I went down to the Action Sports Retailer trade show last weekend. On the way, I tried to big spin the Carlsbad gap, freaked out, drove to the trade show and got drunk with Shane Cross and everybody. It was cool to see all the new stuff that’s coming out from Emerica.

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Later, I went back to Carlsbad when Andrew Reynolds nollie Cabbed the gap there. Yes, that’s right; Drew nollie Cabbed the legendary and burly Carlsbad gap. I landed fifteen big spins there, but just beat the shit out of myself. I think I’m going to go back soon, so we’ll see what happens. Hopefully, I’ll land it if I get lucky.

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Speaking of Drew, I was over at his house yesterday. We were editing some footage for the upcoming Baker video. We’re trying to get it out by Summer 2005, but it keeps getting pushed back for various reasons. But, I guess the more time we have, the better. Everyone’s pretty much almost done. I saw Andrew’s part, Dustin Dollin’s part, as well as Jeff Lenoce’s, and it’s looking really good.

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We tried to edit my part, but I can’t get the rights to some songs, so I’m going to try to use Van Halen now—maybe the song "Hot For Teacher". It’s looking pretty sick. I hope it’s not too much money. Van Halen seem like they’d be down for it. It’d be a lot easier than Gun ’N Roses—that’s like trying to get a Beatles song or something. We came up with about a hundred different names for the video. We may just end up calling it Baker III or The New Baker Video. It’s all up in the air—it could be changed at the last minute.

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I saw Bryan Herman a week ago at a little Baker team meeting. We all watched the video. Herm’s doing really good, just killing it. I saw his part, it’s amazing—the best video part ever. He moved into a four-bedroom house with a couple of people in Palmdale. They have a pool in the backyard. Spanky is doing good too. I skated with him the other day. He’s trying to recover from a bruised heel that he got a month ago.

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Ed Templeton and Austin Stephens are finishing up the Toy Machine Good & Evil video, which will premiere October 22, at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California. That oughta be pretty sick. Vending machine magnate Heath Kirchart is temporarily working as a receptionist right now, filling in for someone in an office in the San Fernando Valley. Supposedly, he can be found sitting there behind a desk sporting a business suit and a black eye he received from a recent slam, which is definitely the icing on that strange cake.

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My house in Hollywood is almost done. It’s pretty quiet, tucked away in the hills behind Universal Studios. If you woke up there, you wouldn’t think you were in LA. My deck in the back yard is done except for the steps, Me, Lance Dawes, Dustin Dollin and John Colbert all worked on it every single day for a month straight until it was pretty much done. Since the photos in the last team report, we’ve stained it and did a couple of other little things like planting flowers and stuff around it. It’s looking pretty good, man.

I’m going to build a room addition onto the house next. Maybe I can build it myself. Imagine that—me doing all the wiring. No way! The place would burn down. As far as paying Lance and those guys for working on it, there was no pay, just beer. Lance wouldn’t take any money—I offered him some before. It was mostly food or beer or whatever. But, I pay for all the barbeques, anyway, so that’s their pay. I pay for the beer and the food.

I came down to the Emerica offices and worked on my Ellington 2 shoe today. The one that appeared in the Emerica Spring 2005 catalog was an almost-complete version, we made a couple of little changes. We deleted some of the mesh off the side and other little things that most people probably wouldn’t really notice. It looks a lot better, and now it’s ready to go into full production. We just worked on some new color ways for it, like red/white, black/yellow and black/gold. It’s pretty fun working with the colors. The Ellington 2 is coming out in early 2005.

Let me see…a lot of other things have been going on. Next week, we’re going on an Emerica trip to Athens, Greece. That should be fun. It’s going to be some sort of Wild In The Streets Thing…maybe Wild In The Ancient Ruins! I’m sure we’ll have photos up on the site from that in about three months, or whenever Justin gets around to it! I can’t wait to see Athens—it’s going to be sick! I’ve never seen anything like that.

Well, it’s been good talking to you guys. Until next time,

Erik Ellington

Editor’s note:

Brosephs, first let me apologize for lagging so hard on the team report these last few weeks. Things have been crazy around here with trade shows, new shoe designs, and a bunch of other fun stuff. Not to make excuses though, I know I’ve been slippin’ when the team is calling me out! Anyways, it’s cool that Erik stepped up to the plate for you guys. I just want to give a shout out to Emerica pro Chris Senn and Canadian Emerica rider Josh Evin who both competed in the Gravity Games last weekend and finished in 9th and 8th place, respectively. Not bad! They’ll be joining Ed Templeton in Huntington Beach this weekend for the Triple Crown contest happening over there. Speaking of Ed, here’s some more info from the Tempster himself regarding Toy Machine’s Good & Evil premiere:

Toy Machine’s Good & Evil World Premiere

Friday, October 22

House of Blues, Anaheim

Free & All Ages

Doors open at 7:00 p.m.

First showing at 8:00 p.m.

Second showing at 9:00 p.m.

First come, first served!

For those of you too young to remember Toy Machine’s video legacy, I highly recommend you get your grubby mits on the recently released Toy Machine box set, available for shoplifting at finer skate shops everywhere. This box set is definitely worth the beating you’ll receive should you get caught.

And lastly, any Greek Kids in Emerica out there? If so, Erik Ellington, Heath Kirchart, Spanky, Leo Romero and Bryan Herman all hope to see you in Athens October 3 at the Wild in the Streets, Tzatziki Jam. For more info on this unique Emerica event and our pre-event scheduled shop signing at Switch skate shop in Athens this Thursday, September 30 at 3:00 p.m., please call the shop. And for the rest of you, as Erik said, stay tuned for photos from our trip out to Greece sometime in the near future!

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