Team Report 10-08-04

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Hundreds of skateboarders from around the globe took to the streets of Athens, Greece en masse last Sunday for a series of best trick contests and skate jams at real street spots around the city.

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There is a movement growing. Skateboarders are fed up with the conventional corporate sponsored contests and demonstrations that consistently deliver an inaccurate portrayal of their beloved activity. To the dismay of core skateboarders everywhere, skateboarding is even being "prepped" for the 2008 Olympics. To combat the prevailing status quo, skateboarders in Athens, Greece, home of the original and most recent Olympics, joined forces with the Emerica team and a select bunch of Europe’s top skateboarding professionals and amateurs on Sunday to take skateboarding back to the streets, where it belongs, with Emerica’s Wild in the Streets: Tzatziki Jam.

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Like the first Wild in the Streets event that Emerica hosted in New York City last June, hundreds of skateboarders turned heads and broke laws at a series of three real street spots. Unlike the NYC event, the Athens Wild in the Streets: Tzatziki Jam also incorporated best trick contests at each of the three spots, as well as announcing an Overall winner for the skater who consistently killed it the hardest at each spot over the course of the day.

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And unlike your average contest, this one was open to any and all skaters, and the judging was up to the skaters themselves to decide on-the-spot via ballots. Winners at each spot were awarded 200-500 Euro, and the Overall winner was handed an additional 1000 Euro courtesy of Emerica. Congratulations to Bryan Herman for winning the Overall award for the day. Full results from Emerica’s Wild in the Streets: Tzatziki Jam are below.

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Special thanks go out to Ruedi Matter, Oli Buergen, Monika Bocian and the Emerica Europe crew, Boardsports Greece and Greece’s unofficial skateboard tour guide, Billy Griparis, as well as Emerica riders Bryan Herman, Erik Ellington, Heath Kirchart, Kevin Long and Leo Romero for making this Wild event a reality.

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Spot #1 - Monument Park (manual pads, ledges)
1. Andy Welther (GER); nollie 360 flip over the manual pad

Spot #2 - University (5 flat 4 double set)
1. Foppa Fosberg (SWE); switch heelflip
2. Gauthier Rougier (FRA); hardflip
3. Giannis Gekopoulus (GRE); heelflip (Special Award for Best Local)

Spot #3 - Old Airport (loading dock gap)
1. Bryan Herman (USA); multiple tricks of high-caliber difficulty

Overall Winners
1. Bryan Herman (USA)
2. Foppa Fosberg (SWE)
3. Andy Welther (GER)

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