Buenos Dias from Aaron Suski!

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This just in from Emerica pro Aaron Suski, currently on tour in South Emerica with Volcom:

"Hey, everyone! Greetings from Peru! It’s our third day here, and things are great. We’ve got a good crew and some genuine people over here taking care of us and showing us around this crazy town. We have spent a lot of time in the van, but it’s all good, because we’ve got to see a lot of Lima.

There was a demo on Saturday night like no other demo I’ve done before. Basically, it was a super-demo that attracted around 3000 people. We had to get a police escort into and out of the arena. The live bands, spotlights, VIP tent, and the roaring crowd were pretty overwhelming at first, but amazing. We closed the night up with a few cocktails and sleep.

The following morning, we drove out an hour from the city to a small, quaint beach town, where a fellow Volcom surfer lives in an absolutely beautiful house right on the ocean. Evidently, it’s one of the best places to surf in Peru. We didn’t surf, but got to jump off some cliffs into the ocean and swim around. After a good exhilarating swim, we ended up feasting on some of the best food ever at homie’s house, played some music, relaxed for a while and ended up doing some skating. So, basically, our trip has been quite eventful and fun.

We head out to Panama City tommorow. I’ll drop you a line soon. Much love, peace."—Aaron Suski

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