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Team Report 07-19-04

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Emerica riders Kevin Long, Bryan Herman, Chris Senn and Aaron Suski competed this weekend at the World Championships of Skateboarding in Dortmund, Germany (featuring an ill-conceived, egg-shaped Hot Wheels track-style park Loop!). Unfortunately for Spanky (and the German K. Lo fans who hung out the Kevin “Spanky” Long banner during the contest), a couple of falls during his runs set him back on Saturday. However, the rest of the Emerica crew pulled it together and advanced to the Semis on Sunday.

The Suskinator had some decent runs, but nothing matching his amazing runs on Saturday, and he was halted at the Semis. Hermdog proved to be a crowd favorite for the weekend, despute that both of his runs in the Semis were plagued early by falls. But it was what Bryan did after the falls that really drew the crowd’s attention, and applause. The entire weekend nobody else even attempted backside nose bluntslides down the rail, massive hardflips across the pyramid deck, and the huuuuge kickflip across the entire pyramid to flat, but Bryan did them in his runs and left the kids in the stands screaming for their new hero!

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You Interview Erik Ellington!

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It’s time for another Members Only blab interview here on This one features Emerica pro Erik Ellington. Blab as many questions as you like, but as with the other two Members Only interviews before, please ask only one question per blab and try not to repeat the same question that other members have blabbed before you. The blabs will be open until July 26, at which time Erik will review your questions and answer the best twenty. Blab your question here.

Team Report 07.13.04

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Not content with finishing off the legendary Wallenburg gap with his signature frontside flip at the Bayview Rumble a few weeks back, Emerica pro Andrew Reynolds landed the world’s biggest frontside flip down a set of seventeen stairs in Upland this weekend! Oh, yeah, and he also landed the world’s biggest kickflip down the same set for warm-up. The Baker video is gonna be mind-shattering when it drops this holiday season.

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In a surprise team meeting at a local LA skate spot this weekend, Andrew’s board company, Baker, announced their plans to turn Emerica and Baker wunderkind Bryan Herman pro at this September’s ASR trade show. Herman celebrated his upcoming pro status by switchflipping a massive gap within ten minutes of receiving the good news. His first board graphic: The Herminator!

Check the latest issue of TransWorld Skateboarding for the eight-page interview with their Rookie of the Year, Emerica pro Kevin Long, prominently reppin’ Emerica’s Gotti blazer in his portrait spread. Way to go, K. Lo!

Speaking of Bryan and Spanky, they will be joining Emerica teammates Chris Senn and Aaron Suski in Europe this week for the World Cup contest in Dortmund, Germany (July 16-18), to be followed by the Mystic Cup contest in Prague, Czech Republic (July 23-25), with a few days in between for filming and shooting photos at street spots along the way. Germany’s preeminent skate photographer, Helge Tscharn, will accompany the Emerica squad on their upcoming missions in and around Germany.

Also on the road right now and in the coming weeks are Emerica riders Heath Kirchart, Leo Romero and Matt Allen. They are traveling the U.S. at the moment filming, shooting photos and setting up demos as they go with Josh Beagle and the Foundation team. Heath, of course, rides for Alien Workshop.