Mt. Weather: Brooklyn’s Indoor Park!

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In true New Yorker do-it-yourself style, longtime Big Apple residents Bobby Puleo, Steve Rodriguez and Pat Smith have joined forces with NYC locals to open Mount Weather, a private indoor street spot / training facility in Brooklyn, New York.

The new 4,500 square foot heated training facility became fully operational on January 7. Conveniently located one block from the Lorimer Street stop on the L-train, Mount Weather will feature a streamlined street course, making it the ideal compliment to Greenpoint, Brooklyn’s renowned Autumn Bowl.

Still reeling from the blizzard, and with meteorologists predicting more rough weather in the Northeast with temperatures well below freezing, NYC street skaters can take comfort in the fact that they’ll be able to defy Old Man Winter this year at Brooklyn’s Mount Weather, the first facility of its kind for NYC street skaters.

This project is yet another example of NYC’s tight-knit skateboarding community and supportive brands such as Emerica, 5boro, Volcom and Red Bull, in association with Autumn skate shop, banding together and taking matters into their own hands to create positive change.

Emerica is proud to be a contributing member of Mount Weather and is a supporter of the DIY efforts of the NYC skateboarding community.

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