Self Educated #3

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Self Educated #3

Title: Self Educated
Publisher: Steve Ayers
Issue Number: 3
Date: Summer 2004
Page Size: 8.5" x 11"
Page Count: 10 (one-sided)
Printing method: Black and white photocopy
Price: Send $2.00 to Self Educated Zine c/o Steve Ayers 1927 CR 738 Webster, FL 33597
Email: selfeducatedmag at (Use the @ symbol with no spaces around it.)

Ah, yes. Here we have a nice, not-so-little, literary washcloth that, from the looks of it, could’ve blown straight out of the hills of West Virginia back in the early ‘80s. Bearing a striking graphic resemblance (featuring handwritten text and snapshots glued haphazardly on the pages) to Bryan Ridgeway’s Monthly Shredder circa 1983, Self Educated is one of dozens of titles that continue to carry the torch of skate zine publishing some 23 years after the birth of the genre.

Operating under the theme of ’summer Is For Roaming’, Issue Number 3 tucks the 10th edition of the Tampa Pro contest under its wing, as well as offering up gems like Ramp Deck Stories (featuring random skaters Steven has met in his travels). This issue also includes Opener (’the Catch Is Important’, regarding well-caught flip tricks), Photo Showcase (’Easy Money’, featuring Kareem Campbell playing dice with kids for cash at Tampa Pro), Photo Outtro (’Be Like T’, featuring Tony Trujillo smearing his name on the Tampa judge’s stand with a ’jock’ nutrition bar) and more.

All in all, Self Educated is chock-full of funny commentary and rad snapshots, and you can consider yourself a little more than advised to give it a gander. So, go ahead and email Steven and maybe he’ll send you a copy!

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