Team Report 02-07-05

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Emerica ImageEmerica pro Leo Romero is on a serious NorCal mission right now with TransWorld Skateboarding filmer Jason Hernandez. Leo is hitting up some spots around Sacramento, stacking up footage for his part in the next Tranny video coming out later this year.

RVCA clothing just finished construction of a not-so-mini-ramp contraption at their headquarters last week. Emerica pros Ed Templeton, Kevin “Spanky” Long, Bryan Herman and Leo Romero spent some time breaking her in. RVCA also hosted the opening of The New Image Art Show on Friday night. Ed has some photos up at the show, which will be going on until March 7. Ed is also involved with the Beautiful Losers art show being held at the Orange County Museum of Art, which had its opening on Saturday night. If you live in BroCal, or will be traveling through in the next few months, be sure to check it out.

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Spanky is taking off to Australia on Wednesday for The World Cup contest. He will be making an appearance at PSC skateshop in Melbourne on Monday, February 14 for a signing. All of you Kids in the area be sure to go say hello to Kevin and get him to sign something for you.

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Returning home from San Francisco, Emerica pro Erik Ellington has been skating around L.A. and getting into golf quite a bit.

Video editing and filming have been taking up Emerica pro Andrew Reynolds’ time lately. The Baker video project is in full effect and will definitely please all of you Kids In Emerica when it comes out later this year.

Keep an eye out for Emerica pro Heath Kirchart’s interview in an upcoming issue of The Skateboard Mag. Heath put the finishing touches on it recently for your viewing pleasure.

Emerica pro Austin Stephens will be making his way out to Phoenix, Arizona this weekend on a little Toy Machine trip. A session at the wedge is inevitable.

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