Drew Potter

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Drew Potter
San Diego, California

All right! This month, we have a Sponsor Me video coming out of San Diego, California from Drew Potter. Filmed and edited by Jon Coulthard, Drew’s video stands out from a lot of the other Sponsor Me videos that I’ve seen because, first and foremost, his skating is awesome. He rides everything, which is always a plus. From gnarly transitions at Washington Street to big handrails, this video has a good variety of skating. Drew also has a really clean and solid style that I was stoked on. Style is really important when it comes to choosing someone to sponsor. Just because you land every trick in the book doesn’t mean you should be sponsored. How you do a trick is just as important as what trick you are doing. Drew’s video also stands out because it was all shot in black and white. I like black and white footage, there’s just something about it that looks cool. Drew kept his video short and sweet. He used good discretion when choosing what to use. I didn’t see any tricks in there that should have been left out. Overall, Drew’s video is a good example of what a Sponsor Me video should look like. Keep it up, Drew, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more from you in the future! —Jeff Henderson

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(11) responses to: Drew Potter

  1. i like his style. Most of the time he lands very well.

    mark briggs's Emeritar mark briggs Posted:
  2. sick smith

    Delete Me Please's Emeritar Delete Me Please Posted:
  3. yahhh he tight think you guys like the gay ones but this dude has a lot of stle dude you rock.

    skateordie's Emeritar skateordie Posted:
  4. that was tight dude bad ass smith on the hollywood 16

    daniel's Emeritar daniel Posted:
  5. hes awesome he was my councler at woodward like 6 yrs ago.

    ryan's Emeritar ryan Posted:
  6. He's a sick skater. Tons of Steeze and personality. I got to skate with him at a skate park where I use to live in Alabama. I believe his dad built it years back. But anyway dude is hella nice and fun to skate with.

    Craig's Emeritar Craig Posted:
  7. Dude puts Jamie Thomas to shame... his feebs to fakie on that giant transition in Washington is all slow-mo in the best part of the song and everyone goes crazy when he lands it but this kid just puts one out there like its nothing. And I hate Jamie Thomas so thats definitely a plus

    Skeight's Emeritar Skeight Posted:
  8. I'm talking about Ride the Sky so if you havent seen go get it don't look it up on YouTube and then watch Jamie's part then this sponsor me video and you'll see what i mean

    Skeight's Emeritar Skeight Posted:
  9. this kid sucks dick.
    no variety and whoever the kid that thinks that hes better than jamie thomas needs to stop suckin dick all that cum is going to his head.

    fuck's Emeritar fuck Posted:
  10. my nigga mogley switch flipped that quad two years ago and almost nollie lazered catah him at the battle of the shops this year in bakersfield he'll be representing impact

    bakersfield 101's Emeritar bakersfield 101 Posted:
  11. but still a good switch flip

    bakersfield 101's Emeritar bakersfield 101 Posted:

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