Team Report 03-02-05

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Emerica pros Erik Ellington, Bryan Herman, Leo Romero and am Matt Allen just returned home from a six-day filming mission out in Phoenix, Arizona. Michael Burnett from Thrasher magazine was on the trip, as well, shooting photos of the all the tricks that the guys could dish out.

Emerica Image

Emerica Image

Andrew Reynolds met up with rest of the guys in Phoenix for a couple hours while he was in town for some autograph signings at Salvation Skates. A big “Thank you” goes out to the few hundred Kids in Emerica who showed up to meet Andrew and get his autograph. While on the trip, we also met up with Erik’s mom in a cool little part of Arizona. We hit up some of the new parks there, including the Peoria skatepark, where I captured this sequence of Leo on my new camera phone.

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Emerica pro Kevin “Spanky’ Long and am Braydon Szafranski are still in Australia filming for the Baker video, while pro Aaron Suski is in Barcelona filming for the Birdhouse video and hanging out with up and coming Emerica am Brandon Westgate. Check out Brandon in the East Coast issue of The Skateboard Mag that just hit the stands! Also, be sure to scope Suskawoo prominently rocking a pair of Ellingtons on page 102 of the same issue. Yeah, Aaron! Talk to you Kids tomorrow.

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