Burnside (Holland) Night Session: Part 2

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Emerica Image

Emerica Image

The second installment of the Burnside Night Session, a simple and pure skateboarding event, went down last Saturday, March 5 from 8:00 p.m. until 12:00 p.m. It was all about skating, some guitar music in the background, and some beers and chips to feed the hunger. No judges, no emcees, no rules…just pure skateboarding. At each of the four Night Sessions, a Best Trick event will be held on one or two different obstacles in the skatepark.

Emerica ImageEmerica Image

Last Saturday, the Best Trick was held on the flatbar on the bump. It was not super-busy, but the kids who showed up were killing it. Emerica flow rider and Burnside local Rob Maatman showed that he can skate that thing, for sure, with plenty of frontside 180 fakie nose grinds, backside Smith grinds, nollie krooked grinds and backside hurricanes. Rob’s younger 11-year-old brother showed that skateboarding talent runs in the family by doing k-grinds to backside lip slides, frontside overkrooks and blunt slides.

Emerica ImageEmerica Image

Other young rippers included Rachid Addoe, who did blunt slides, backside nose grinds and kickflip feebles. Felipe Barea did backside overkrooks, backside tail slides and backside 180 fakie nose grinds. Another highlight of the evening was Tom Harmsen, another Dutch Spanky look-a-like, who also proved his boardskating skills. Krooked grinds, kickflip frontside board slides and kickflip backside lip slides were all his.

Emerica ImageEmerica Image

Although Burnside local Manuel de Jong did backside tailslides big spin out, it was Leon Huiskes who won the Best Trick. With what, you ask? Well, kickflip backside tail slides, frontside blunt slides, kickflip frontside lip slides and kickflip backside Smith grinds! Crazy! The next Burnside Night Session will be held on April 9! Better be there, if you can!

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