Emerica Team Pharmacy Demos!

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Come party away the Durty, Durty Demo Daze! with the Emerica team: Andrew Reynolds, Heath Kirhcart, Erik Ellington, Tosh Townend, Kevin Long, Bryan Herman, Leo Romero, Matt Allen and Austin Stephens at Pharmacy Boardshop’s Fontana and Victorville, California locations.

Emerica Image

On Saturday, March 19, the Emerica team will assault your eyeballs with their world-calss skate skills and sign your shizznit at the Victorville location, and do it all over again the following day, Sunday, March 20, at the Fontana location. You don’t want to miss this momentous occasion of supreme shred-diggity-dogness, now do you? Hell no! Call each Pharmacy shop for more info: Fontana (909) 823-7861 and Victorville (760) 955-9505. While you’re at it, you can get some directions right here.

Need something else to do here on this dang ol’ Internet right now? Check out the new Thrills promo from the good folks over at Post 22 Skateboarding. We think it’s positively gangsterrific!

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