Team Report 03-14-05

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Emerica pro Andrew Reynolds spent the weekend skating the streets of LA and getting some footage for the upcoming Baker video. This week, Andrew is spending some time with his wife, Christiana, and her family up in Lake Arrowhead.

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Emerica pro Erik Ellington has been putting good use to the flat bar he acquired from our office. He’s been sessioning it at an abandoned lot near his house, learning some pretty tech moves that he plans on taking to real rails. Erik skated all over LA this weekend, hitting up all types of spots. He even ran into Emerica am Matt Allen at one of the spots and skated with him for a bit. It’s always cool when you run into friends unexpectedly at a spot.

Emerica pro Heath Kirchart has been skating around a little bit and keeping it mellow since his foot is still injured. He will be at the Pharmacy Boardshop demos / signings this coming weekend in Victorville and Fontana, California. Heath probably won’t be skating much, so don’t give him a hard time about it. He still wants to come out and meet all of you Kids who will be there.

Emerica pro Ed Templeton took off for Australia today. Ed will be speaking at the Semi-Permanent design conference this Friday, March 18 at Harbourside Auditorium in the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour.

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Emerica pro Bryan Herman stopped by our office last week to hang out and work on his future Emerica pro shoe. It’s only in the early drawing stages right now, but is looking really good. Bryan’s making sure the shoe represents his style and personality. You kids are going to be stoked once it’s all done.

Emerica pro Leo Romero just returned this week from Barcelona, where he was filming for his part in the upcoming TransWorld First Love video. Leo is really working hard on this part. You won’t be disappointed.

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Finally recovering from the jet lag incurred while coming home from his trip to Australia, Emerica pro Kevin “Spanky” Long hung out in Costa Mesa over the weekend, skating RVCA’s Not-So-Mini-Ramp, where he was working on an insane, secret new move. Maybe you noticed the photographic proof above? Kevin also tore up the ping-pong table that is conveniently placed right next to it. After all the burlitude was said and done, Spanks ventured up to the Avalon in Hollywood on Sunday night to catch a set by the ever-elusive Slint. (See exclusive photo below.)

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Emerica would like to congratulate Tosh Townend on placing 43rd at this year’s Tampa Pro contest. Tosh, who celebrated his 20th birthday on Saturday, couldn’t be reached to confirm or deny the rumors that he may have still been drunk from the night before when his name was called to take his runs.

Chillin’ in paradise, uh, I mean at home, Emerica pro Chris Senn is in Hawaii, getting ready to come out to California to finish up filming a segment for Fuel TV in his hometown of Grass Valley, California. He’ll then make his way down to BroCal for the Elementality Volume One video premiere sometime next week. It was scheduled to premiere this Friday, March 18, but has been pushed back. We’ll let you know the exact date as soon as we find out. Both Tosh and Senn will be in the video, so you know it’s gonna be awesome!

Just so you don’t forget (and we know you won’t!), the Emerica team, including: Andrew Reynolds, Erik Eliington, Heath Kirchart, Tosh Townend, Kevin Long, Bryan Herman, Leo Romero, Austin Stephens, Matt Allen and Braydon Szafranski will be At Pharmacy Boardshop in Victorville, California on Sautrday, March 19 and Pharmacy Boardshop in Fontana on Sunday March, 20 for some demos and autograph signings. If you’re in the area, be sure to come check it out and meet the Emerica team.

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