You Interview Matt Allen!

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Now’s the time for number six in our ongoing series of Emerica Blab interviews in which you, the ever-loyal Kids, get to ask your favorite Emerica team rider that burning question you’ve always wanted to know.

This month’s subject is Emerica am Matt Allen—upcoming shred sledder extraordinaire. Without further ado, get your bad self into the Blabs section and ask away.

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  1. yo whatsup matt, i noticed u got droppd from a couple of your sponsors but thats life! To be honest you got skill & talent, and i know youll keep on skatin...with or without sponsors! Just dont forget your friends, family, music, skateboarding & anyone or nething thats inspired you from the beginning. I once fell off the local skate scene a yr or so ago, but me taken a break from skateboarding is exactly what i needed to make skateboarding fun for me again! Thrash it up, get wicked, get wreckd, get dirty, rinse off, then repeat! THIS IS SKATEBOARDING

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