V7 Teenage Tour 2005

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The V7 Teenage Tour is a major skateboarding event in France, in which teenagers are the main focus and the future pros of France, and the world, are discovered. The Tour is known and respected worldwide, and is hitting the road again in search of the most talented skateboarders in that country.

Check it out if you are in the area for any of the following dates:

April 3—Paris, France

April 10-11—Hyeres, France

April 16-17—Angouleme, France

April 30-May 1—Lille, France

May 7-8—Colmar, France

May 15, Finals in Chelles—Paris, France

This event is free and open to all skaters under 17 years old. The street/park contest is in four categories: Age 11 and under; Age 11-14; Age 14-17 and a Girls’ division. There will be demos featuring French and American pros on most of the tour’s stops, so don’t miss out!

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