Boredom #3

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Boredom #3

Title: Boredom
Publisher: Davor Svetinovic
Issue Number: 3
Date: Winter 2005
Page Size: 8.5" x 11"
Page Count: 26 (Plus three art prints.)
Printing method: Black and white photocopy.
Price: Email the publisher.
Email: TheBoyo10 at (Use the @ symbol with no spaces around it instead of the word "at".)

A young man from Spokane, Washington with the exotic name of Davor Svetinovic bestowed upon me a most excellent zine that goes by the name of Boredom. Issue 3 includes an interview with the director of the skate road flick Tent City, Buddy Nichols; a few skate video reviews; and tons of random, rough-hewn drawings and cartoons of all kinds of strange characters that have nothing to do with skateboarding. Right on! Davor even threw in an extra three loose sheets in the form of spray-painted stencil artwork featuring the Beatles, Sammy Davis Jr. and Neil Young. Good job on this zine, Davor. More skate mags should be this random and fun to look at.

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