Ross Hammershlag

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Ross Hammershlag
Nesconset, New York

I was going through a pile of Sponsor Me videos when I popped Ross Hammershlag’s tape in. A few tricks in, I could tell that he is sick! He put together a decent video with a wide variety of tricks and obstacles, and his style is pretty solid. Ross lives in New York, which has some pretty gnarly Winters, but his tape proves that he skates any chance he gets. For example, there was a clip of him skating with snow on the ground. That’s dedication! Ross can definitely get down on some rails, and also get tech on the ledges. The only thing I didn’t really like in the video was the opening line where he does a switch frontside flip, a 360 flip, and then gets off his board and back lips a rail. I would have rather just seen the back lip as a single trick. Those flip tricks could have been in another line somewhere that flowed easier. Not a big deal, though. Overall, I liked his skating. Thanks to Ross for sending in the video. Enjoy the free shoes. I’m out. —Jeff Henderson

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(5) responses to: Ross Hammershlag

  1. ghetto ass skatin fo sho son.

    Ghettoskater's Emeritar Ghettoskater Posted:
  2. hes goood should have flowed him

    jake's Emeritar jake Posted:
  3. He should of been flowed. Maybe even AM...

    Some Dude's Emeritar Some Dude Posted:
  4. Ross- WOW, Im SPEECHLESS!!!


    DR DAN

  5. I saw this kid at the spot yesterdayy. madd pop. hes pretty fucking hot too.


    Diana.'s Emeritar Diana. Posted:

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