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Hey Kids, Aaron Suski checking in. Here’s a brief summary of my recent adventures in the Spainish lands. I was out there for about five weeks, and I’m not sure where to start. I guess the begining would be appropriate, huh? I arrived in Barcelona on Febuary 22 to meet up wtih the 5boro crew. Basically, it turned out to be a rewarding skate mish around Barcy. We went to a lot of spots that I didn’t get to go to last time. Everybody was ripping, and it was a pleasure skating with the 5boro crew agian. They ended up leaving on March 1, or so, and that’s when a whole other adventure began for me.

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I managed to hook-up a place to stay for the month of March with a friend and amazing skateboarder, Hector Garcia. So, for a week, I didn’t do too much skating. I pretty much just did a lot of walking around and drinking cafe con leches. I had an ample amount of time to myself, which I realized I haven’t had in a long time. But, since it was in a foriegn place with different people, I got a little homesick, to tell you the truth, and was planning on going back to the States on March 15, but I didn’t, and I’m glad. I was actually invited on a trip to down South to a city called Malaga. I’ve been there before, but only for two days, and I had some unfinished bussiness to tend to.

So, the crew drove down and I hopped on a train to the South of Spain. It lasted a grueling 14 hours, which was the longest train ride I’ve ever been on. It was pretty amazing. There’s something about a train that just has that epic feel to it. I listened to some Bob Dylan and gazed out the window at the countryside. It sounds like a song, doesn’t it? After about 11 hours, I wondered if the ride was ever ging to end, or if I even had a destination, for that matter. Whatever the case, I was down for it.

I did finally arrive in Malaga, and was picked up by some fellow companions. Alberto, who is a Spanish skate photographer for a magazine called Dogway, and Kike, who is a filmer here in Spain. They took me back to the apartment, where we were to staying for 10 days. I was introduced to the rest of the crew: Orlando, Raura, and Ivan, who skate for a Spanish board company called Jart, and Raul and Amigo, who skate for Nomad Skateboards. All of them are awsome people and are stoked to roll.

Basically, our days were pretty routine: We would eat cafe con leche, skate, eat more cafe con leche, skate some more, eat, drink, relax, share some laughs, sleep and repeat. It definitely all resulted in a super-productive and fun trip. I ended up taking the train back to Barcy on March 20 and left again the next day to a town called Figueres, about two hours away. Figueres is where Salvador Dali is from, and needless to say, the town has an amazing Dali muesum. I arrived there too late to see it the first day, so I spent the night and woke up early the next morning to check it out. Basically, Dali is the man. The muesum has paintings, sculptures and installations that are incredible.

I relaxed there for the rest of the afternoon and again took a train back to Barcelona. As result of all the skating and train rides, my back was’nt too pleased, and I had to chill for about two days when I arrived back in Barcy. Hector actually planned a huge dinner for the crew. Steve Messer and Kenny Anderson were in town and accompanied us, as well. I believe there were about 16 people in a room about 17 square feet. Hector, by the way, cooks the best meals. He’s the man. So, basically, we all ate, drank and were merry.

During the following week, we had a good time on our shred sticks. We went to some new spots I’ve never skated before and enjoyed the Spring weather that was arriving. The days were getting longer and the clocks had been set ahead, which gave us more time to enjoy the sun. My date to fly home was on March 31, which was approaching fast. I decided to take it easy on the last day, and did some sightseeing, shopping and drank some more cafe con leches.

I actually got all fired-up from the caffeine and decided to have one last session at Universtat, one of my favorite spots, featuring smooth, buttery ground and three long, black marble benches. After a good two-hour sesh, I headed back to the casa. About 50 feet from "home", I did one last tre-flip, landed, rolled another five feet and realized my front truck was a tad loose. So, I stepped of my board, popped it up and my truck fell off! What an epic way to end my five-week skateboard mission.

That night, Hector cooked yet another amazing meal, and again we ate, drank and were merry. We headed out for one last night out on the town and walked the streets until the early morning. Good times. I’d like to thank Hector, Alex, Pali, Alberto, Kike and everyone else that made my stay in Spain a pleasant one. I greatly appreciate all of their kindness. Until next time, be well and have fun.—Aaron Suski

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