Burnside, Holland Night Session #3

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Deventer, Holland
April 9, 2005

Kickflip backside nose blunts, crooked grinds to backside lip slides shove-it out, and kickflip nose slide nollie heelflips out...the level of skateboarding during the third Skateboard Night Session in the BurnSide skatepark was again amazing! On this evening, the Best Trick contest was held on the new round flatbar and the pyramid with ledges.

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Rachid Addou came in 3rd place with a big bag of stylish tricks, including a kickflip frontside board slide to shove-it out, a feeble grind to 50-50, a kickflip frontside feeble and a crook to backside lip slide shove-it out! Dutch Emerica flow rider Rob Maatman crushed the park with lots of nollie power, including nollie crooks, nollie board slides, nollie backside 5-0s and nollie feebles on the flatbar. These tricks and more earned him 3rd place, as well.

The winner of the second Night Session, Leon Huiskes, appropriately ended up in 2nd place this time with all kinds of flip to slide variations on the round flatbar. Kickflip board slides, kickflip frontside board slides, kickflip backside lip slides, kickflip 50-50s and kickflip backside Smiths. The driveway ledge was especially pleased with an amazing combo: A kickflip nose slide nollie heelflip out. Damn!

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First place went to Niels van de Zeeuw, who brought in the biggest bag of tricks. It’s hard to remember all of them, but I’ll give it a try. He killed the new round flatbar with tricks like frontside salads 180 out, frontside overcrooks, backside nose blunt slides, kickflip backside lip slides, kickflip frontside crooks and a super clean kickflip backside nose blunt slide! Holy cow, what’s up with theses kids nowadays?

After the flatbar killing, Niels abused the pyramid with the ledges with a kickflip fly-over to 5-0 down the ledge, and a kickflip backside tail slide in the middle part of the ledge! With these tricks landed, it was very obvious Niels deserved the top spot! The Burnside skatepark would like to thank Emerica, Real, Spitfire and Reload for sponsoring this third Night Sessions event. Special thanks to DJ Danjah and DJ Lygra from Soul Providers for taking care of the music all night.

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The fourth and last Burnside Night Session will take place on May 7. Make sure you’re there! Free beer and free snacks will be waiting for you! Keep checking BurnSide for updates.

All photos by Floris Gierman.

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