Team Report 04-26-05

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Emerica pro Heath Kirchart has been keeping it mellow, skating around LA. His foot has been injured for a little while, so he’s taking it easy. Heath should be back at it full force really soon.

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The premiere for TransWorld’s First Love video is getting closer, and Emerica pro Leo Romero is going all out, filming the last tricks for his part. He has been skating some spots in San Pedro and Los Angeles, and collecting a lot of footage. Leo’s Blab interview is now closed. Look for his answers to your questions next week.

Emerica pro Tosh Townend’s car trouble saga continues. Seems his Lexus got a facelift on Friday when an SUV backed into him in a parking lot. The hood got a bit dented, but Tosh is okay. Besides dealing with car troubles, Tosh is getting ready for the premiere of his Weenabago Projekt video, which will premiere on May 3 at the Huntington Beach High School auditorium.

In case you didn’t know, the Elementality Volume One video is out on DVD right now. Be sure to check out Emerica pros Tosh Townend and Chris Senn’s footy!

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Emerica pros Ed Templeton and Austin Stephens returned last week form their trip out to Lyon, France and Barcelona, Spain. With no time to rest, Ed and Austin went straight to a Toy Machine demo at Active Ride Shop in Norco, California on Saturday. Check the Toy Machine site for the slide show.

Emerica pro Aaron Suski has been getting into the music scene lately in Tucson, Arizona. He’s been checking out some live shows and seeing some of his friends’ bands play. For those of you in the Tucson area this Saturday, April 30, check out Suski and the rest of the Birdhouse team skating a demo at Starr Skates.

Starr Skateboard Shop

3459 East Speedway BLVD

Tucson, AZ 85716

(866) 758-8826

Up-and-coming Emerica am Brandon Westgate flew home to Massachusetts on Sunday after ripping it up at some spots around SoCal. He came out for his Spring break, and racked up some sick footage and photos in the process. Brandon is filming for his part in the upcoming 5boro video, which will be out this Summer. You are definitely going to be seeing more of Brandon in the near future.

Emerica am Matt Allen has been scoping out spots around his new home in Redlands, California, as well as bowling with his friends.

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