Win Free Ellington Skateboard & Shoes!

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Welcome to the first Emerica monthly online contest to earn free Emerica gear! It’s simple. All you have to do is provide the correct answers to all of the 10 trivia questions about Emerica pro Erik Ellington. Everyone who answers all 10 correctly will be entered into a list. When the contest ends, we will choose one lucky winner at random, who will receive one complete Baker Erik Ellington skateboard, one pair of Emerica Ellington shoes and some other random Emerica goodies. All of the answers to these questions can be found on the Emerica and Baker Web sites. Good luck, and happy fact finding! Contest ends May 31, 2005.

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(8) responses to: Win Free Ellington Skateboard & Shoes!

  1. Skateboarding is Awesome...

    John's Emeritar John Posted:
  2. skateboarding is awesome and my board just broke i would love a new one please

    shawn's Emeritar shawn Posted:
  3. I just broke my board by doing a tre so i need a new one

    Daniel's Emeritar Daniel Posted:
  4. i broke my deck and my mum will not get me a new one

    callum's Emeritar callum Posted:
  5. skateboarding is cool and i really like it because it is fun. my skateboard is broke in half and my shoes are ripped so i need a new skateboard and shoes please

    nicholas's Emeritar nicholas Posted:
  6. hey thanks i love skateboarding and 2nd i love shoes nice ones

    buomkuoth's Emeritar buomkuoth Posted:
  7. yo my shoes are gabage you gota believe me on dat and my skateboard aw man don't even get me started wheels are busted and my barrings are lost. my trucks are broken and my deck suck and i'm not kiding man you've gota see it's a big bowl of ugly. that why i need new shoes and a skateboard that is good

    buomkuoth's Emeritar buomkuoth Posted:
  8. skateboarding is my BIGGEST hobby and my skateboard has just broke :( and i really need a new one. these are the faults it had 1. the deck had snapped. 2. the bearing didnt work. 3. the wheels had stone chips in them. my shoes well i need new ones because mine are really bad arnt proper skating shoes if i win i would be really pleased :)

    Ryan Durnford's Emeritar Ryan Durnford Posted:

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