John Doe November 2004 + January 2005

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John Doe Nov04 Jan05

Title: John Doe Zine
Publisher: John Doe
Issue Numbers: November 2004 and January 2005
Page Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Page Count: November 2004: 52, January 2005: 36
Printing method: Black and white photocopy.
Price: Email the publisher.
Email: johndoezine at (Use the @ symbol with no spaces around it instead of the word "at".)
Web Site: John Doe Zine

Straight outta the boondocks (also known as Cheyenne, Wyoming), we have two recent issues of John Doe Zine. The November 2004 issue is chock full of dozens of photos from all skates of (board) life: Contests, demos and street / park missions galore, not to mention "hotties" in skimpy duds…or no duds at all. This issue is also packed with many provocative travel stories and random articles with titles like Triple Crown Finals, Casper Contest, For Fun Zine’s Brazilian Quest, Washington DC, World War II Memorial, Gettysburg, Horses, Mt. Vernon, Beach Vermin, LA Traffic, Muscle Beach, Medieval Times, Hooray for Hollywood, the La Brea Tar Pits, Rodeo Drive, Surfing, Wedding Day With Junkie Monkey, Don’t Surprise This Store, Cheyenne Hooters Opens, Lesbian Pirates, My Husband Won’t Get Mad, The Pepsi Challenge, Skate Spots, etc.

The January 2005 issue of John Doe contains another huge assortment of photos and more random, eyebrow-raising articles like Pissin’ On Chimo’s, Jam’s World Tour 2004, ESPN X Games King of the Rail, Ask John, Halloween, The Dwarves, Frosty the Meatball, Jim’s Party Pics, Dressed to Kill, Bad Santa, Knife Dick, Downtown Burns to the Ground, New Year’s Eve, Del the Funky Homosapien, Fornicating Reindeer, Peter Pecker, SOTY Party 2004, Statue of Liberty, Skate Spots, etc.

I think John Doe Zine is Kool and the Gang, and both issues come complete with a brochure urging the reader to donate to help get a local skatepark built. Right on! Good luck, boys. P.S. JDZ gets bonus points for originality, as both issues are held together by rubber bands, not staples. Too bad the rubber bands will dry out in a few years, then break apart and set the pages of JDZ aloft, only to end up scattered all over hell’s half acre. Imagine some hapless person coming across the photo of the fornicating reindeer Christmas decoration purely by chance. Ten times the random!

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