Matt Jones

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Matt Jones
Normandy Beach, New Jersey

This month, we have a Sponsor Me video coming in from the East Coast. Matt Jones is a true skateboarder. Getting filmed with a low-quality camera with a dirty lens doesn’t bother him, he still skates hard, regardless. Matt has some really good footage in this video. His 360 flip and nollie flip down the nine-stair in Broooklyn were sick! There are a few things about Matt’s video that could have been different, though. The first thing is that Matt doesn’t show a very large variety of skate spots. There are tons of spots around the area where he lives, but most of his footage was from two different spots. This tends to make a video monotonous. You want to keep the viewer excited, and showing different scenery and spots is a good way to do that. The other thing about Matt’s video is that there are two lines that are the same. If you have two lines with the same tricks, pick the better one and just use that. Matt seems like the kind of guy who really loves skateboarding. This kid has a lot of heart. I think he just needs to be in the game a bit longer and develop his skating a little more before pursuing getting sponsored. Take those rail tricks to bigger rails and film some lines. If you are good enough to get sponsored, it will happen. Thanks, Matt, for the time and effort you spent sending your video into Emerica! You just earned yourself a brand spankin’ new pair of kicks. —Jeff Henderson

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(3) responses to: Matt Jones

  1. he's good but his style isn't
    and the filming didn't help
    same spots over and over and the same line at the same spot?
    and then the 5-0 bail, what was the point of that?

    deezy's Emeritar deezy Posted:
  2. yo you thurral fool dont listen to that scrub above me he probably sucks and your a beast

    skipper's Emeritar skipper Posted:
  3. yeah, tell it like it IS skipper

    Vultraz T-99's Emeritar Vultraz T-99 Posted:

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