Team Report 05-13-05

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The Baker video is getting closer and closer to deadline, and Emerica pro Andrew Reynolds is putting in some long hours on the computer editing the footage. Andrew has already finished filming his part, and fellow Emerica pros Erik Ellington, Kevin Long, Bryan Herman and am Braydon Szafranski are getting in their final hammers for the vid. It’s going to be insane!

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Emerica pro Heath Kirchart was down in Albuquerque, New Mexico this week, clocking footie with Alien Workshop filmer Greg Hunt. If you saw a bad-ass black Harley on the freeway with a skateboard strapped to the back, it was probably Heath.

Emerica pro Erik Ellington has been hanging out with some friends from out of town this week. He fired up the ol’ barbecue for the occasion and had a little cookout over the weekend. Erik also celebrated his wife Luciana’s birthday recently, as well. He will head down to San Diego this weekend to film and shoot photos for an upcoming Thrasher interview.

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Emerica pros Ed Templeton and Austin Stephens will be taking off for a West Coast Toy Machine Tour this weekend. Their first stop will be a demo at Gone Surfing in Rohnert Park, California (an hour north of San Francisco) this Sunday, May 15. On Monday, May 16, they’ll be in Salem, Oregon for a demo at Exit Real World. Ed, Austin, and the rest of the Toy Machine team will then head Northeast to Spokane, Washington for a demo at Spirit Skateshop on May 17. Just after that mini-tour, Ed and Deanna Templeton will have an opening for their art show called You Ruin My Life in Vancouver, Canada at Rick McCrank’s Anti-Social skate shop. The show opens on May 20, so be sure to check it out if you’re in the area!

Emerica pro Tosh Townend’s The Weenabago Projekt video is showing at some theatres around Orange County over the next couple of weeks. He will be at the showings, promoting his vid. Hit the Townster up for an autograph.

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Speaking of videos, the TransWorld First Love video, featuring Emerica pro Leo Romero, is getting edited as we speak. Leo is still collecting some last-minute bangers for his part, which is going to be amazing! First Love will premiere on June 3 at the TWS awards. Leo and Herman have both been nominated for TWS’ Rookie of the Year award. Let’s hope it’s a tie!

Traveler extraordinaire and Emerica pro Aaron Suski just flew out to New York after spending some time in SoCal last week. He is hanging out with the Volcom team, who have an apartment out there for a little while. The Suskinator is shredding the streets and getting footage for the upcoming Birdhouse video.

Up-and-coming Emerica am Brandon Westgate has been going down to New York on the weekends from his hometown of Wareham, Massachusetts. Brandon has also been hanging out with his Volcom teammates and filming around New York.

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