Burnside, Holland Night Session #4

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The Last Blast!

Photos by Leon Bijl

Last Saturday, May 7, the fourth and last Night Session was held in the Burnside Skatepark in Deventer, Holland. This was by far the most successful one, as more skaters showed up than during the first three.

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The Best Trick contest was held on the big driveway with a kinked flatbar on the middle. Big hammers where thrown down, such as a backside tail slide shove-it by Mark Driessen, a kickflip 50-50 down the flatbar rail by Niels van der Zeeuw (who also did a big backside kickflip over the driveway), a kickflip into a backside 50-50 and later into a frontside boardslide down the rail by young gun Patrick Reins, and 27-year-old Alwin Wemmenhove showed that he can still hammer like a young kid by doing a big switch frontside pop shove-it over the driveway.

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In addition to the contest, there was also a video premiere for the Burn This DVD, a compilation of 15 years of Dutch skateboard history. There aren’t very many shops in Holland with such a long and rich history as Burnside! The DVD was ready just one minute before showtime, and therefore it had to be watched on a computer inside the skate shop, instead of out in the skatepark on a huge screen. So, that’s skateboarding!

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Big props to Floris Gierman and Sander op den Dries for putting the Burnside Night Sessions together over the last few weeks! Dutch video wizard Sander Ferdinand (aka Schoft) made a little compilation video from all four sessions.

Thanks to everyone at Burnside for kicking so much ass over the last 15 years! Also, big thanks to video wizard Sander Ferdinand and photographer Leon Bijl for giving the rest of the skateboarding world a chance to see what went down at the Night Sessions. And, of course, thanks to all the skateboarders who showed up!

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