Team Report 05-26-05

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Emerica pro Andrew Reynolds is probably at his computer as you read this, editing the upcoming Baker video. Andrew has already finished his part, and let me tell you, it’s a doozy!

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Fellow Baker teammates and Emerica pros Erik Ellington, Kevin “Spanky” Long and am Braydon Szafranski are all really close to having their parts finished and are filming their last tricks. The Baker video will premiere later this Summer.

Emerica pro Heath Kirchart has moved out of his apartment and put his stuff in storage. Seems he’s going to do a little couch surfing until he hits the road this Summer on his Harley for a little cross-country action. Heath has also been skating around Los Angeles with Alien Workshop filmer Greg Hunt.

Emerica pros Ed Templeton and Austin Stephens returned home this week from their West Coast Toy Machine tour. The tour ended in Vancouver, Canada where Ed and his wife Deanna had an opening for their art show called You Ruin My Life at Rick McCrank’s Anti-Social skate shop / art gallery.

Emerica pro Tosh Townend was in Minneapolis, Minnesota this past weekend for an Element demo at Third Lair skatepark.

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Emerica pros Kevin “Spanky” Long, Bryan Herman and Leo Romero recently had a big ol’ party in New York City to celebrate the release of Spanky’s first-ever pro model shoe, the Emerica KSL-1. So, now that you know it’s out, why don’t you head down to your local skate shop and pick up a pair? You’ll be glad you did.

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Speaking of Leo, he just took a well-deserved getaway up to Santa Rosa, California last weekend after finishing up filming for his part in the upcoming TransWorld First Love video, which will premiere on June 3 at the TransWorld Awards. Leo headed up North with Emerica filmer Jon Miner and Team Manager Hal 3000. Although it was a relaxing weekend, Leo still managed to film a couple of tricks on a 13-stair rail. I guess that’s relaxing?

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Also in NorCal over the weekend was Emerica pro Bryan Herman and a couple of his friends, who went to the Hangtown Motocross Championship in Sacramento. Bryan has also been filming for his Baker video part.

Emerica pro Chris Senn is currently in Seoul, South Korea, skating in the Asian X-Games. Chris will also be skating in a couple of demos while he’s out there.

Also off in a foreign land, Emerica pro Aaron Suski is in the backcountry of Spain, camping and skating some spots you have never seen before. Aaron is quite the explorer and he may be discovering the hot spots of tomorrow as we speak.

It’s really heating up out in the high desert. Emerica am Matt Allen has been chillin’ in his pad, waiting out the heat and skating his local terrain in the evenings. Matt stopped in the Emerica offices recently to say hello.

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Up and coming Emerica am Brandon Westgate has been taking some week-long tests at school and is getting ready for Summer break. Brandon met up with his 5boro teammates over the weekend in Boston, where he is filming a part for the 5boro video that will be out later this Summer.

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